KIA INCIDENT: 19680822 HMM-161 Vietnam

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19680822 HMM-161 Vietnam

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Incident Date 19680822 HMM-161 CH-46D - 153994 - - Small arms fire during Recon Insert

Brandes, Kenneth Neil Cpl Crew Chief HMM-161 PROVMAG-39/1stMAW/FMFPAC 1968-08-22 (vvm 47W:025)

BRANDES KENNETH NEIL : 2170831 : USMC : CPL : E4 : 6332 : 21 : FLUSHING : NY : 19680822 : hostile, small arms fire, land : CrewChief : body recovered : Quang Tri :02 : 19470812 : Cauc : RomanCatholic/married : 47W : 025 :

Report of Casualty / DD-1300

Died 22 Aug 68 Quang Tri Province RVN Result of gunshot wound to the chest from hostile small arms fire while acting as a crew chief aboard a helicopter on a reconnaissance insertion mission during an operation.

Source: DD 1300, Coffelt Database
Submitted by: Ken Davis, Researcher, The Virtual Wall, 20151102

Official Command Information

HMM-161 participated in 5 recon inserts and extracts. Cattlecall 5-11 [BuNo 153994] received intensive fire while inserting recon team HARBOR QUEEN on Hill 697, XD 894458. Mission aborted and returned to 3rd MED with 1 KIA and 2 WIA crew members.

Submitted by: Ken Davis, Researcher, The Virtual Wall, 20151102

Correction of Recon Team Name

The correct team was Team 3Charlie1, Call sign MARBLE CHAMP.

Source: from EBook "Smittys Journal" by James Smith, Point Man on MARBLE CHAMP
Submitted by: Len Rapuano, Historian, 3rd Recon, 20181103

Cpl Kenneth Neil Brandes

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Submitted by: POPASMOKE Admin, 20050206

Supplementary Information

"Harbor Queen" (3-C-1) patrol members. 1968. L-R (Top row): Al Moore, Jerry Beasley. (Bottom row): Unknown, Fred Ostrom, Robert Jenkins, Larry Harrod, Randy Rhoads.

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Source: 3-C-1 HARBOR QUEEN online search
Submitted by: Alan H Barbour, Research Historian, USMC Combat Helicopter Association, 20151102

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