KIA INCIDENT: 19700807 HMM-364 Vietnam

Brothers (& Sisters) Killed in Action in USMC Helicopters or while assigned to USMC Helicopter or Tiltrotor Squadrons

19700807 HMM-364 Vietnam

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Incident Date 19700807 HMM-364 CH-46D 152576+ / YK-16 - Hostile Fire, Crash

Seymore, Richard Morris Sgt Gunner HMM-364 MAG-16 1970-08-07 (vvm 08W:091)
Gillies, James Francis 1stLT Co-Pilot HMM-364 MAG-16 1970-08-07 (vvm 08W:090)

SEYMORE RICHARD MORRIS : 404668341 : USMC : SGT : E5 : 3071 : 20 : PRINCETON : KY : 19700807 : hostile, crash, land : Gunner : body recovered : Quang Nam
(Da Nang) :01 : 19500606 : Cauc : Protestant/single : 08W : 091
GILLIES JAMES FRANCIS : 068368228 : USMCR : 1stLT : O2 : 7562 (H-46) : 25 : BARDONIA : NY : 19700807 : hostile, crash, land : Copilot : body recovered : Quang Nam (Da Nang) :02 : 19450727 : Cauc : Roman Catholic/married : 08W : 090

HMM-364 Command Chronology - August 1970

7 August 1970 - Aircraft 152576 was shot down by enemy fire while evacuating an emergency night medevac mission. The aircraft crashed and burned, fatally injuring the copilot and gunner. Other injuries were six Bravo and one Foxtrot. The aircraft was destroyed.

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Comment on Incident

Lt. Marshall the AircraftCommander, recalls," I know that maybe 5 seconds after lift off, one of the gunners yelled, We are taking fire". I said, "return fire" and he did, one or two bursts from his 50 caliber machine gun. We suddenly, and without any warning, swapped ends, completely out of control. I remember that the controls, rudder and cyclic stick, no longer seemed to be connected to the rotors. We continued out of control, swapping ends again, I think. I remember very clearly believing I was about to die. I had no fear and was rather matter of fact about it. I had the feeling that it was an absolute certainty. I came to when somebody tried to lift me out of the cockpit without removing my shoulder harness and seat belt. I said, "Pull this" referring to the quick release lever. My next memory was on a stretcher being carried aboard Maj. Jensen's chopper. The noise of the engines and rotors must have awakened me. I remembered then screaming at the top of my lungs, I have no idea what I said however. My next memory was outside the operating room of the Army 95th Evacuation medical facility and a nurse asking what my name was. I kept telling her but she continued to ask the same question. Then she said I had been in a helicopter crash. I remember my exact reply, "Well no shit lady!" Three crewmembers survived the crash. Information of this incident provided by Bob Marshall, 1stLt USMC; Pat Kenny, 1stLt USMC; F. A. Gulledge, Jr. Maj. USMCR(Ret); William N. "Pappy" Hill, MGySgt. USMCR(Ret)

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1stLt James F. Gillies

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