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Brothers (& Sisters) Killed in Action in USMC Helicopters or while assigned to USMC Helicopter or Tiltrotor Squadrons in Vietnam

690602   HMM-161     Vietnam

Incident Date 690602 HMM-161 CH-46D 153970+ Hostile Fire, Crash, Post Crash Fire

Akins, Donald Wayne Cpl Crew Chief HMM-161 PROVMAG-39 690602 (vvm 23W:116)
Cavanagh, Michael Howard HM2 Corpsman-Crew HMM-161 PROVMAG-39/1stMAW 690602 (vvm 23W:042)

Montijo, Michael NMN Cpl Grnd Casualty HMM-161 M/3rdBN/9thMAR/3rdMARDIV 690602 (vvm 23W:045)
Trevino, Savas Escamilla PFC Grnd Casualty HMM-161 M/3rdBN/9thMAR/3rdMARDIV 690602 (vvm 23W:048)

AKINS DONALD WAYNE : 2233118 : USMC : CPL : E4 : 6320 : 21 : SPIRO : OK : 19690609 : Hostile Crash Land (died of wounds) : Crew : body recovered :Quang Tri :03 : 19471012 : Cauc : Protestant/single : 23W : 116

CAVANAGH MICHAEL HOWARD : B818521 : USNR : HM2 : E5 : HM2 : 24 : COOS BAY : OR : 19690602 : hostile, crash, land : Crew - Corpsman : body recovered : Quang Tri (Khe Sanh - OP CAMERON FALLS) : 03 : 19441024 : Cauc : Protestant/married : 23W : 042

MONTIJO, MICHAEL : CPL : E4 : USMC : 2423911 : 19481016 : TOMBSTONE : AZ : 19690602 : Quang Tri (Khe Sanh) : Body Recovered : South Vietnam / RomanCatholic/Single : 23W : 45 : death caused by injuries from rotor blade fragments after medevac helicopter crash

TREVINO, SAVAS ESCAMILLA : PFC : E2 : 2450073 : USMC : 19500126 : DALLAS : TX : 19690602 : Quang Tri (Khe Sanh) : South Vietnam : Body Recovered : RomanCatholic/Married : 23W : 48 : death resulted from burns from medevac helicopter crash

Comment on Incident:
HMM-161 CH-46A shot down, crashed, burned east of Khe Sanh; Quang Tri Province George Kontrabecki was Aircraft Commander. Scarface gunship escort (HML-367) was eyewitness - F. Cuddy, pilot; G. Hawes, copilot.
The Crew Chief, Cpl Don Akins and the Corpsman, HM2 Michael Cavanagh, were KIA in the crash.
Two Marines, Cpl Michael Montijo and PFC Savas Trevino, were KIA by the debris field from the sections of rotors from the crashing helicopter.

Submitted by Alan H Barbour, Historian, USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association

would like to hear from someone my brother served with.
Submitted by John R Cavanagh, younger brother of mike

Personal Comments:
I was among those wounded when this helicopter was shot down on our position on June 2, 1969.
Submitted by Michael G. Finnie, Wounded in action.

Command Chronology:

Submitted by Alan H Barbour, Historian, Historian, USMC Combat Helicopter Association

Source: Journal, 3rdBn 9th Marines

Eyewitness :
I served in 3rd Platoon, M/3/9 and was among those wounded when this helicopter was shot down onto our position.

Submitted by Michael G. Finnie, Wounded

Personal Recollection:
I was on the ground the day this incident took place. Received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on lower extremities. Medivaced to Japan and later to Texas where I was treated and released approximately three months later. Those brave Marines and Corpsman were doing their duty in a bold attempt to medivac wounded Marines who were still actively engaged with the enemy.
Submitted by Howard Puckett, Wounded in Incident

Personal Letter:
Don Akins - no better friend a person could have. Think of him all the time.

Don was the first person I met when I moved to Sallisaw, OK for my Jr. year. We became friends immediately and our friendship lasted forever. He was somewhat of a daredevil - not afraid to try anything.

He was very athletic, earning all conference as a fullback on the football team and as a guard on the basketball team. He was the oldest of three children with a younger sister, Judy, and little brother who I believe was Marty.

We had our 20 year reunion in 1985. He was remembered in the program and there were not many dry eyes in the old school.

As so many before and after, he left us too early, but will be in our hearts forever - he was the closest to a brother that I ever had.

Class of '65 - Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Submitted by Jim Wright, Don Akins Best friend in High School

Cpl Donald W. Akins:

Submitted by MGySgt George Curtis, Popasmoke Admin