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Brothers (& Sisters) Killed in Action in USMC Helicopters or while assigned to USMC Helicopter or Tiltrotor Squadrons in TRAINING LOSS - PREPARATION FOR COMBAT


Incident Date 830327 HMH-362 CH-53D - BuNo 157152 / YL-13 - Crash enroute Twenty-Nine Palms for combined arms exercise

Cobb, Christopher A. Cpl Crew HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327
Davis, Hartley R. Maj Pilot HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327
Friedrich, Paul D. Lt Co-Pilot HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327
Haliburton, Richard A. Sgt Crew HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327
Machalk, David E. LCpl Crew HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327
Powell, Kenneth H. Sgt Crew HMH-362 MAG-16/MCAS New River 830327

News Article:
San Simon, AZ
Marine Helicopter Crash, Mar 1983


San Simon, Ariz. (AP) -- The Marine Corps has identified six Marines, including one from the Upper Peninsula, killed when their helicopter crashed near this southeastern Arizona community while on a flight from North Carolina to maneuvers in California.

A seventh Marine, identified Monday as 1st Lt. ANTHONY HERROD, 23, of Crownsville, Md., was hospitalized at St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson with severe burns.

The CH-53 helicopter from the Marine Corps Air Station in New River, N.C., crashed Sunday night en route to Yuma Marine Corps Air Station for an overnight stop, said Lt. Robert Ross, spokesman for the Yuma base.

Spokesmen at the North Carolina base identified the dead as:
Maj. HARTLEY R. DAVIS, 33, of Port Jefferson, N.Y.
1st Lt. PAUL D. FRIEDRICH, 26, of Richton Park, Ill.
Sgt. RICHARD A. HALIBURTON, 22, of Chaplin, Minn.
Lance Cpl. DAVID E. MACHALK, 22, of Daggett in Menominee County, Mich.
Sgt. KENNETH H. POWELL, JR., 25, of Howard City in Montcalm County, Mich.
Cpl. CHRISTOPHER A. COBB, 23, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

"There were seven persons on board and they were getting ready to participate in a combined arms exercise at the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center in Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif.," said public affairs officer Master Sgt. Gary Mosley.

The helicopter came down in rugged country some 12 miles east of here about 6 p.m. Sunday.
Ross said the helicopter crew had spent Saturday night in El Paso and had planned to spend Sunday night at the Yuma base.

He said the cause of the crash was under investigation. Marine spokesmen said it would be at least three or four days before the reason for the accident could be determined.

Source: Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood, Michigan, 1983-03-29
Posted February 26th, 2011 by Stu Beitler

Personal Recollection:
I was a Sgt serving in the quality assurance dept, of HMH-362 when this crash happened. This CH-53D was from our squadron - 362, not 461. It would be great if you could correct this slight mistake.
Semper Fi!

Submitted by David Biser, Sgt of avionics at HMH 362

Personal Recollection:
The crash occurred on 27 March - not on the 29th. Burger - you are still sorely missed. Some of us still get together and talk about you and our antics. We still toast your memory - and it hurts to know you're gone - 30 years now... Sleep well my friend. -Smitty
Submitted by Bob Smith, comrade-in-arms

Personal Recollection:
LtCol Fine was the CO. LT Friedrich was the Copilot. He was a former grunt, enlisted.

HD, Lt Friedrich, Kenny Powell and I had just been testing my aircraft YL-10, BuNo 157741, before we deployed, but it had problems with the AFCS and we'd just changed the swash-plate, so I had YL-04 on that trip. They were behind the rest of us because of maintenance issues, I think with YL-07, and were supposed to catch up with us at Ft. Huachuca.

I still remember we were on the bus, and they said YL-13 was down; at first I thought broke down and wouldn't meet us there. Then something else was said. I remember how silent it was. Still think about these guys; have the handout from the memorial service somewhere, carried it with me for years.

Submitted by Ray Escue, Crew cheif YL-04 at the time

Personal Recollection:
I was part of this deployment. As an Avionics Tech, Ken Powell and I were two of the three Avionics Troubleshooters flying with the 8 aircraft cross country. 1st Lt Friedrich was the Avionics OIC, Maj Davis was our AMO. Someone had mentioned Col Fine; he was the CO at the time of the crash. I was part of the crew that returned to Wilcox AZ with Col Fine to recover the dash two aircraft that had maintenance issues at the helo pad at the hospital where they brought 1st Lt Herrod.

This was a tragic loss of life and really brought to light the inherent risks involved with Naval Aviation. I am not a superstitious person, but the mishap aircraft which had just recently returned from Depot Level ASPA prior to the deployment was number 13. I don't recall the BuNo. Unfortunately, after the crash, we had to participate in back to back CAX without our Squadron Mates and with heavy hearts.

Submitted by Kevin Graessle, Avionics Technician with HMH-362 1980-1984

I was just looking this over and believe there are a couple of mistakes.
I was a SGT 6113 that worked on the flightline in HMH-362 with most of the guys that were killed. I was in HMH-362 from late 82' through late 85'. MAJ Davis was my Maint Officer.

I was deployed to Beirut at the time of this incident and this was several years ago. I am pretty sure though that HMH-362 was part of MAG-26, not MAG-16. I am also pretty sure that a 1st Lt named Fine was killed. I do not remember a Lt Friedrich.

I do not remember the A/C BUNO but the tail # was 13. Chris Cobb used to wear a skull with the # 13 sewed to his flight suit. # 13 was the 1st CH-53 I had ever flown on and Chris was the crew chief.
I hope this info is helpful.

Submitted by Clarence Crain, I was in the squadron when it happend

Personal Comment:
It has been 33 years since I lost my husband Chris Cobb, and he is still alive in all our hearts and memories. I still dream of him often, and he is as handsome as ever. Still in touch with his best friend, Bob Whitney, and just went to his daughter's wedding in Cleveland. Still in touch with Terri Coffman. Semper Fi my love!
Submitted by Alison Cobb Ullrich, Widow

Personal Remembrance:
Chis not only qualified with me; he was my best friend. Please take a minute this week and remember the good days and the bond we had! Semper Fi, my brother - 30 years this week on Karen's birthday. Miss ya dearly, Your Bro always, Whit
Submitted by Robert Whitney, Wing man

Personal Recollection:
Many of us who attended Cornell University between 1967 and 1971 have fond memories HD especially those of us who were in the NROTC unit and Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. I had the pleasure of buying HD a beer at the Chapter House bar in Ithaca in 1973 a few months before I was commissioned. I regret We never connected while I was on active duty (1973-1979)All I can say is HD was the quintessential hard charging Marine. He was extremely bright and a gifted student of history. He is still missed.
Submitted by Fred Brunk , Friend of Major Hartley Reese Davis (HD)