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Brothers (& Sisters) Killed in Action in USMC Helicopters or while assigned to USMC Helicopter or Tiltrotor Squadrons in Vietnam

670227   HMM-362     Vietnam

Incident Date 670227 HMM-362 UH-34D 143968+ / YL-42 Hostile Fire

Carley, Michael John 1stLt Co-Pilot HMM-362 MAG-36 670227 (vvm 15E:103)

CARLEY MICHAEL JOHN : 090140 : USMC : 1stLT : O2 : 7335 : 27 : SHARON : CT : 19670227 : hostile, crash, land : Crew : body recovered :Quang Ngai :08 : 19390617 : Cauc : RomanCatholic/married : 15E : 103

1st Lt. Mike Carley:

1st Lt. Mike Carley was KIA 670227. He was one of the favorite pilots in the squadron and the first to be killed flying YL 42. Extremely neat he was known as "Pig Pen." Photo by Joel Vignere.
Submitted by, POPASMOKE webmaster

Personal Narrative:
YL 42 was one of a flight of 3 UH-34D's on a troop insertion. Bad weather and low ceiling required very low flying conditions (just above tree top level). The first enemy round pierced the front windscreen, hitting Lt.Carley (co-pilot) in the face, killing him instantly. The pilot, Capt. Hippert, was subsequently wounded in his leg, but miraculously was able to set the bird down without further injury to crewmembers and 6 Marine infantrymen in the cargo bay of the plane.
Submitted by Bill Willey, CrewChief

Comment on Incident:

The a/c was obviously YL 42 and Bill Willey was the crew chief. I believe that Ron Fix was the pilot of the other a/c but that might be wrong. I have heard that a well-known Marine officer directed the a/c into the wrong area where Carley was killed. The story that I heard indicated that this particular ground officer later wrote a book where he acknowledged his error. Is there any truth to this story? It is also my understanding that Mike was killed during the approach and the survivors boarded the chase aircraft. The recon team in the area then recovered the lieutenant's body.

Submitted by Bob Skinder,

1stLt Michael John Carley:

Submitted by MGySgt George Curtis, Popasmoke Admin

1stLt Mike Carley, HMM-362:,1967.htm
Submitted by MGySgt George Curtis, Popasmoke Admin