List of 844 USMC Helicopter
Crewmembers and Passengers KIA in

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Last Name First Name Rank Branch Capacity Squadron Command Incident Date
Laye Jr. Edgar PFC USMC Gunner VMO-6 MAG-36 680425
Harper Ralph LCpl USMC Passenger C/1/4 3rdMar 680606
Allender Jr. Frank LCpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-165 MAG-36 670703
Escobedo Jr. Julian LCpl USMC Crew HMH-361 MAG-16 690901
Caller Michael LCpl USMC Grnd Casualty H&MS-16 MAG-15 (O&R 670828
Rogers Jr. Thomas Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 691117
Langsjoen Richard Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-262 SLF B 671105
Pendell Jerald Sgt USMC Passenger HMM-163 MAG-16 621006
Swain Robert SSgt USMC Crew Chief HMM-364 MAG-16 691228
Dawkins Calvin Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-364 MAG-36 671213
Hrisoulis Robert Sgt USMC Passenger 1stRADBn, 1s 710121
Jones Joseph Sgt USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 680703
Diaz Daniel PFC USMC Passenger HQCo/3rdMari 680108
VanGundy George Cpl USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-16 710419
Tripp Alfred Capt USMC Pilot VMO-2 MAG-16 680725
Slack Jr. Richard Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-162 MAG-16 641121
Stockburger Arthur Capt USMC Co-Pilot HML-167 MAG-16 680827
Ugino John PFC USMC Passenger M/3/26 3rdMa 680108
McBee Carl LCpl USMC Crew HMM-161 MAG-16 650606
Ferguson Jr. Willie LCpl USMC Passenger E/2/5 1stMar 681011
Gard Danny Cpl USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-36 680228
Brooks Benjiman Sgt USMC Crew HMM-361 MAG-16 651118
McBride Donald LCpl USMC Passenger K/3/5 1stMar 681120
Parsons Charles Sgt USMC Passenger HQCo/5thCOMM 680228
Berger Donald Capt USMC Co-Pilot Other MABS-13, MAG 691228
Schneider Harry Cpl USMC Crew Chief VMO-6 MAG-36 680216
Mac Beth Kenneth Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-362 MAG-36 660608
McDonald Lewis PFC USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-262 H/2/3rdMarin 690307
Wilson Jeffrey LCpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-262 MAG-16 700306
Schloemer Carl PFC USMC Passenger E/2/1 1stMar 660715
Pell Randall Sgt USMC Grnd Casualty VMO-2 MAG-11 (DaNa 700408
Allen Merlin LCpl USMC Passenger HMM-265 A/3rdReconBn 670630
Slaton Alvin Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690305
Banister John LCpl USMC Photographer Other H&MS-17, MWS 690414
Pope Jr. Charles LCpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 701118
Harris Paul PFC USMC Crew HMM-163 MAG-16 670313
Bennett Richard Sgt USMC Passenger F/2/4 3rdMar 690502
Larkins Virgil LCpl USMC Passenger B/1/9 3rdMar 690510
Erwin Richard PFC USMC Passenger H&SCo/3/26 3 680411
Soulier Duwayne PFC USMC Passenger HQ/7thCommBn 670501
Hall Jr. James PFC USMC Passenger D/1stRecBn 1 690621
Hannings William LCpl USMC Passenger C/1/4 3rdMar 680606
Burney Charlie Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-363 MAG-36 670625
Tallent Garry LCpl USMC Passenger B/3rdRECBn, 670820
Clem Edward Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-363 MAG-16 671026
Storm Edward MGySgt USMC Passenger L/MarsSPTBn, 691228
Terry III Robert 2ndLt USMC Co-Pilot VMO-2 MAG-16 671205
Johnson Jr. William Cpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 680703
Day Michael Sgt USMC Passenger A/3rdTankBn 680108
Olson Bruce LCpl USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-16 710419
Nystul William Capt USMC Pilot HMM-164 USS Hancock 750429
Becker John Cpl USMC Gunner HML-167 MAG-16 680827
Teeter Gary LCpl USMC Passenger C/1/1 1stMar 680108
Benigni Alfredo Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-262 MAG-36 680228
Millican Malcolm Sgt USMC Crew Chief HMM-261 MAG-16 651003
Mikels Jr. James Sgt USMC Passenger H&SCo/1/26 3 680228
Case Orson Cpl USMC Passenger E/2/1 1stMar 660715
Cain Frederick Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty VMO-6 MAG-36 660425
Robinson Johnny Cpl. USMC Passenger I/3/3 3rdMar 671228
Mayne Stephen LCpl USMC Passenger HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 690117
Reid James Cpl USMC Passenger B/3rdEngBn, 660715
Murdock Michael Cpl USMC Passenger 3/B/1stRecBn 680201
Niccoli Gregory LCpl USMC Gunner HMM-362 SLF "A" 690204
Little Norman Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMH-463 MAG-16 700327
Beach Jr. Leo Sgt USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-16 700922
Langley Francis PFC USMC Passenger C/1stSPBn/1s 670111
Meeks Jr. Charles Sgt USMC Gunner HMM-364 MAG-16 690411
Manela Randall Cpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 701118
Wersching Adam Sgt USMC Grnd Casualty HMM-262 MAG-36 670302
Evancho Richard LCpl USMC Medevac MABS-36 MAG-36 680326
Shadburne Brooke Capt USMC Pilot VMO-6 MAG-36 670405
Gibson Peter Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 690510
DeMarco Michael LCpl USMC Gunner VMO-6 MAG-36 680411
Crites Jr. Robert PFC USMC Passenger D/1stRecBn 1 690621
Cawley James Capt USMC Pilot VMO-6 MAG-36 680425
Flores Felix LCpl USMC Passenger C/1/4 3rdMar 680606
Engelhart Leslie LCpl USMC Crew HMM-164 SLF B 670620
Schober Jack Capt USMC Pilot VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690829
Bauchiero Harold LCpl USMC Gunner HMM-164 MAG-16 670820
Henry Howard Maj USMC Pilot VMO-2 MAG-16 691112
Bennett Ronald Capt USMC Pilot HMM-363 MAG-16 671026
Tunney Michael 1stLT USMC Co-Pilot HMM-163 MAG-16 621006
Shelton Leslie LCpl USMC Passenger MABS-16 MAG-16 691228
Morey Jr. Frank GySgt (PP) USMC Gunner VMO-2 MAG-16 671205
Ritchey Jr. Luther LCpl USMC SAR Crew HMM-361 MAG-16 631008
House Alton PFC USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 680703
Cyr Lawrence SgtMaj USMC Passenger HQBtty/4/12 680108
Young Michael Cpl USMC Passenger HMM-262 MAG-16 710330
Hetland Ronald LCpl USMC Passenger BttyE/2/12 3 680108
Smith Charles LCpl USMC Passenger H&SCo/3/2 3r 680108
Wagner Jr. Cecil Cpl USMC Crew H&MS-16 MAG-16 680929
Corle John Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-364 MAG-36 651208
Ellis John Capt (PP) USMC Passenger MABS-36 MAG-36 680228
Hebert Jr. Calvin Cpl USMC Gunner HMM-163 MAG-16 660217
Honeycutt James PFC USMC Passenger 3rdForRec/3r 680216
Williams Billie PFC USMC Passenger K/3/1 1stMar 660321
Skarman Orval LCpl USMC Passenger L/3/3/3rdMar 680108
Franks Barry Cpl USMC Passenger HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 690117
Lilly William Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty H&SCo/3/4/3r 660715
Giordano Daniel PFC USMC Passenger 2/B/1/9 3dMa 690510

401 through 500 of 844 results.
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