List of 843 USMC Helicopter
Crewmembers and Passengers KIA in

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Last Name First Name Rank Branch Capacity Squadron Command Incident Date
Nystul William Capt USMC Pilot HMM-164 USS Hancock 750429
Leatherwood Jr. William 2ndLt USA Passenger HMM-163 8TH RRU, 509 660217
Bazemore William LCpl USMC Crew HMM-161 PROVMAG-39 690422
Davis William 1stLt USMCR Pilot HMM-262 MAG-16 700922
Magerr III William Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty H&MS-16 MAG-16 690819
Foster William Sgt USMC Gunner HML-167 MAG-16 680721
Ryland William LCpl USMC Crew HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 680824
Covington William LT (USN) USN Passenger 30th NavalCo 690107
Brencich William LCpl USMC Crew VMO-6 PROVMAG-39 690228
Beadnell William PFC USMC Gunner HMM-364 MAG-16 691228
Ebright William Cpl USMC Passenger C/1/4 3rdMar 680606
Lilly William Cpl USMC Grnd Casualty H&SCo/3/4/3r 660715
Leftwich Jr. William LtCol USMC Passenger CO/1stReconB 701118
Cook William HM3 USN Corpsman-Crew 3/3 3rdMarDi 680326
McGee IV William LCpl USMC Gunner HMM-363 MAG-16 670902
Seward William Maj USMC Pilot HMM-165 MAG-36 680306
Coyne William LCpl USMCR Passenger C/1stSPBn/1s 670111
Hall William 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot VMO-6 MAG-36 680324
Hays William Cpl USMC Crew HMM-362 MAG-16 671130
Harris William Capt USMC Pilot HMM-361 MAG-16 631008
Walker William Maj USMC Co-Pilot H&MS-16 MAG-16/1stMA 680420
Elmore Jr. William 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-363 MAG-16 670902
Anderson William Cpl USMC Gunner HML-167 MAG-16 690708
Stolley Jr. William LCpl USMC Medevac M/3/4 3rdMar 690314
Moon William LCpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 680703
Berry William Cpl USMC Crew Chief HMM-262 PROVMAG-39 680921
Odom Jr. William Sgt USMC Crew HMH-463 MAG-16 710218
Clover Jr. William Cpl USMC Crew HMM-262 MAG-36 670512
Reynolds William Capt USMC Pilot HMM-163 MAG-16 650328
Hutton William HM2 USN Corpsman-Crew HMM-161 H&MS-39/PROV 690314
Sperb William HM2 USNR Corpsman-Crew MABS-16 MAG-16 690414
Smith William Capt USAF Pilot Other 505th TacCtr 660723
Schanck Jr. William 2ndLt USMCR Passenger D/1stRecBn 1 690621
Clark William Cpl USMC Gunner HMH-463 MAG-16 680728
Smith Jr. William PFC USMC Passenger K/3/5 1stMar 681120
Gottschalk William 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-262 MAG-36 670512
Hale William 1stLt USMCR Co-Pilot HMM-265 MAG-36 681011
Peters Jr. William 1stLt USMCR Pilot HMM-165 MAG-16 690621
Currence William Capt USA Pilot HHC/212 CAB/ 690115
Johnson Jr. William Cpl USMC Passenger B/1stReconBn 680703
Goodsell William Maj USMC Pilot VMO-6 MAG-36 660616
Ferguson Jr. Willie LCpl USMC Passenger E/2/5 1stMar 681011
Sisson Winfield Col (PP) USMC AO USMAC/Vietna 651018

801 through 843 of 843 results.
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