List of 28 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Castle Robert 1stLT USMC HML-167 19700321
Gonzales David Sgt USMC HML-167 19700321
Underwood Thomas SSgt USMC HML-167 19700321
Bugman David Cpl USMC HML-167 19700428
Barnett John LCpl USMC HML-167 19700719
Casner Jr. Lewis 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19700719
Dodd Richard 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19700719
Rodgers Johnny Cpl USMC HML-167 19700719
Duemling Ralph 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19700818
Pappenheim Thomas Cpl USMC HML-167 19700818
Shelton III Joseph 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19700818
Smith David Cpl USMC HML-167 19700818
Parsons Jr. Warren Cpl USMC HML-167 19680420
Villalobos Eliseo Sgt USMC HML-167 19690420
Anderson William Cpl USMC HML-167 19690708
Harrell Roger Capt USMC HML-167 19690729
Kerns Fred Cpl USMC HML-167 19690729
Lewis Daniel LCpl USMC HML-167 19690729
Foster William Sgt USMC HML-167 19680721
Gloer David 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19680721
Lurie Robert 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19680721
Becker John Cpl USMC HML-167 19680827
Stockburger Arthur Capt USMC HML-167 19680827
Wagstaff James PFC USMC HML-167 19680827
Day Terry LCpl USMC HML-167 19680929


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