View Full Version : John Broussard

Allyn Hinton
09-17-2009, 18:04
After more than 15 years of searching just located another missing squadron mate: JOHN BROUSSARD
ST. MARIES, ID 83861-8137
Anyone that knew John in HML-167 he would like to hear from you. He was a crew chief; see photo archive photos # 424, 1088, 1934, and 1944. He does not have a computer so let's get a FNG packet out to him. I gave him info about 2010 Reunion and he is looking forward to seeing everyone in Reno.

Jerome HALL
09-17-2009, 23:26
Al Sure is great to hear you found another one HML 167. To have a life come out of the long a waited past,its just almost just to much to handle at one time. Had he been intouch with anyone? Doesn't sound like it,so here's 1
so how many Marines are out there like John? Hope other's will keep a trying to find others that we had known. I know we had 8 or so New Guys at the 262 Reunion and what a neat time for many of us. For some of us its been 40 plus years,so again I say thanks for keeping on the trail . Semper FI :)