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Thread: Operation Swift

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    Operation Swift

    Want to contact pilots, crew, or anyone with knowledge of helicopter support for 1/5 CMD GRp lift from Hill 51, K and M Co lift from Hill 63 (Baldy) on 4 Sept and the final LZs for them. I believe the original LZ was hot and M Co was placed in an alternate LZ.
    Additionally, I have studied command chronoligies for H&MS 16 O-1C Det and would like to contact T.D. Redmond, L.S. Nowak, Longo(not sure of spelling), and Goodman.
    I have additional questions once I'm able to talk to one of the pilots, co-pilots, or crew.
    As I have stated before, we are endebted to all the helicopter and air support we received dsuring this operation.
    JD Murray
    CO M Co 3/5

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    You may want to include the year in your request.

    There were so many times that we (the helos guys) supported operations concerning Hill 51 and, from my experience, most of them were "hot".
    Oh boy! More Ham 'n Muthas

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