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Thread: Original HMM-163 Vietnam

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    Question Original HMM-163 Vietnam

    I know there has to be someone on here from the 1962 squadron who can tell me what the mechanical failure was with the crash on 10/06/1962? This is Jim Mansfield - Crew Chief who got shotup covering the withdrawal of YP-80 on 10/04/1962. I learned about the crash when Lt Sinnott joined me at the Army Field Hospital - he was never able to talk to me. I would like to know what happened and I cannot recall Andy's aircraft ID. Flew along side and even picked him and the people with him up out of a rice paddy they autorotated into before we moved north.
    James Mansfield
    HMM-163 1962

  2. I cannot recall Andy's aircraft ID
    YP-93 (from After Action Reports)
    BuNo 145790 (from Popasmoke KIA database)

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    Jim, contact me at I was an assistant maintenance officer of the squadron.

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