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Thread: Agent Orange as internal cargo?

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    Question Agent Orange as internal cargo?

    Does anyone remember handling Agent Orange as internal cargo?
    Does anyone have medical problems they associate to Agent Orange?
    HMM 261

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    Multiple Myeloma

    My form of cancer is called Multiple Myeloma. I flew with HMH-463 in Vietnam 70-71. I doubt that we moved any Agent Orange. Some friends have suggested that my Multiple Myeloma was caused by the Agent Orange that I may have been exposed to. I have done some research on the cause but I havenít found anything definitive. The Oncologists donít know the cause. Modern living I guess. There is a stronger link between Prostrate Cancer and Agent Orange.

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    Past postings have...

    ...been down this road before.

    Multiple myeloma is considered by the VA to be presumptive to Agent Orange exposure.

    If you can prove you have multiple myeloma and you can prove you served in Vietnam, the government admits fault. You are entitled to benefits.

    Right or wrong, no scientific proof is necessary. That issue has been decided.

    Don't expect a big check, though. I am beginning to learn just how much an actual check is. The amount is an insult.

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    Agent Orange as internal cargo

    In answer to your inquiry, I distinctly remember early in the war, while a member of HMM-365, We carried and sprayed Agent Orange from the H-34 helicopter. I was a machine gunner and sat in the back right where the spray would hit me in the face. I reported this to the VA when I was being evaluated for disability. In San Diego in 2000,I double checked my memory with my old section leader,and he confirmed my recollection.

    I am now rated as a 100% disabled veteran,after suffering two cancers, a heart attack and developing diabetes.

    It's a hell of a deal 44 years later.
    Good Luck in your journey.
    Mario Aguirre
    The Chief

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    Agent Orange

    I concur with Msgt Aguiree about spraying Agent Orange from a UH-34D. We were told that it was for mosquito abatement. The operation was named Slug-A- Bug. I too have Type II Diabetes and have a 40% disability from the V.A. for our efforts in Vietnam.
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    Having read a blurb on here a while ago, I'm trying to press the VA to put me in the study group for AO, as the USAF has admitted dispersing same over the training areas @ Tyndall AFB, FL, etc where pilot trainees did their survival training up to and including 1971.


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    Agent Orange as Internal cargo?

    I just read about the spraying from the 34's. While in Danang on my 1st of 3 tours in country. I was assigned to MWSG-17, H&Ms-17; west side of Danang airbase. Colocated with us and our aircraft were VMGR-152. On numerous occasions we hauled loads of barrels that we all know now contained one of the agents. Also, one of my jobs while in country, was escorting "Special Cargo from Yakota Air Base in Japan to either Okinawa, or into Danang. This cargo was normally hauled into country on Air Force or Navy aircraft. Sometimes it came in on a rush order via VMGR-152. During the spring 1967 time frame; there was an accident at the Ist MAW/MWSG-17 cargo area located near the old trnsient facilty on the flight line. Several barrels of chemical were piled out on the back lot and left to rot. None of us the wiser.
    Now look what we have. I am 60%, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy.
    Looking forward to the reunion.

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