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Thread: Hmm-361 H34 Yn-19

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    Hmm-361 H34 Yn-19

    HMM-361 has sponsored and completed the restoration of a Vietnam era H34 helicopter, YN-19. This aircraft has made appearances at various shows around the country. Wouldn't it be great if we could have a flyover by that helicopter during our reunion this coming August in Washington, D.C.? Perhaps the most appropriate time would be during the Memorial Service to be conducted on Saturday, August 16th, or during our time at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Although the reunion is only four months away,it is not too late to get started on this idea. Any comments? Suggestions?
    Phil Johnson
    RVN '65-'66

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    We have been working on a flyover at the Wall for over 6 months now. As of yesterday, we have not been told no, but have not been told yes either. We have had to jump through hoops with TSA, National Park Service, Secret Service, Homeland Security just to get a MILITARY flyover and it has not happened yet. What do you think would happen if we tried to get a civilian aircraft involved?????? When the idea to bring this 34 to DC was presented with the idea of parking it at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, I called them - myself - and was told that they had a gravel parking lot and it would be hazardous to the aircraft and they could not do it. Mr Weiss was told this at that point in time. Since we are not having a static display at this reunion I could see no reason to bring it. It has now come down to mudslinging and Bruce Colbert being called an a@@hole in e-mails. We tried to accomodate their requests but they are insistent that they be involved. With what?????? We have been working for this flyover for a long time as a surprise to the membership if we could bring it off. Now it looks like it is going down the shi**er because of this meddling. Thanks guys - you are a real credit to the Corps.

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    Man LZ you sound like something right out of Fox News with Bill OReilly, except his language is a little more timid. You get all the fun. Hey, I look forward to the reunion and I plan on having fun
    David "Butch" Powell HMM-262 RVN 70-71

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