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Thread: CH-46 crew HMM 161 or 262

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    CH-46 crew HMM 161 or 262

    On 10 June 1969 there was a section of Huey's of VMO-6 and a section of 46's enroute into the DMZ to rescue three Recon Teams (one was recon team American Beauty) The dash two Huey was shot down by AAA fire as the aircraft were entering the DMZ. As I understand it two 46's, a fast mover and some other aircraft had already been shot down (I was the gunner in the lead bird---L/Cpl TT Constantine). The pilot of the shot down aircraft was 1st Lt Joe Sturtevant (I am posting this for him) The co-pilot was LtCol AK Charlton the squadron CO his first flight just back from R&R. Joe Sturtevant has been researching this event and wants info from the 46 crew who rescued them.

    Joe Sturtevant contacted me a couple months ago and inquired about the event and I had to stop and think about it, I cannot recall whether the 46's were Chatterbox or Cattlecall.

    Thanks for the W/C assist---you can take the time off your man hour accounting!


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    The MAG-39 command chronology and the VMO-6 sitreps say it was Cattlecall. The VMO-6 sitrep specifically says Cattlecall 7. The 161 command chronology for June 69 is very hard to read, but I was able to get the pilot's name: Maj. R.J. Adams. I couldn't find the after action report for that particular mission.

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