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    Holiday Card

    Got below from Paul Moore.
    If you have a spare stamp and Holiday card might be a good gesture to send it to this Marine.

    BTW, no relation to Paul Moore

    A Chance to Spread Some Christmas Cheer
    Taking up the cause for our sisters at the Woman Marine Association
    Asking for Christmas cards for a trailblazing Woman Marine who is now in a nursing home and this will certainly be her last Christmas. She is not doing well.
    In the Woman Marine Association she is often referred to as Sgt Mom. She was active duty 1950-55 and only left once it was obvious she was pregnant because she couldn't button her jacket. She hid her pregnancy as long as possible but her superior called her into his office and said "We cannot hide it any longer. I hate to lose you. You're one of the best Marines I've ever had. I wish I didn't have to do this but rules are rules"

    Address is

    Sgt. Evelyn Moore
    Jeanne Jugan Residence
    3rd floor
    186 Highland Ave
    Somerville, MA 02143

    It will mean so much if you put her rank on the envelope and if you also include your rank or that of your husband or both if that applies.

    Every time the cards are read to her she feel goods. She gets so excited when she hears the messages that are sent.

    It means so much to Sgt Moore when she hears she is beautiful and especially if someone sees her as an inspiration. For me she is absolutely an inspiration. The only time she smiles lately is when she is told about the cards she is getting from Marines. It is very difficult to be an older Marine and to miss being active duty and being part of the special bond that only Marines and other military families can understand.
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