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  • T C Moyer - Saturday 12 October 2019 13:12
    Quintanilla and TC Moyer
  • T C Moyer - Saturday 12 October 2019 13:06
    TC Moyer Wiping down bird with av gas and hydraulic fluid
  • T C Moyer - Saturday 12 October 2019 13:03
    Mike White receiving medal
  • T C Moyer - Saturday 12 October 2019 13:01
    To Top Robinson right is Ike Iacocca and TC Moyer
  • Tc Moyer - Saturday 12 October 2019 12:59
    Ike Iacocca and Lurch our mascot
  • Jacqueline Finley - Brown - Tuesday 10 September 2019 01:03
    R.I.P,. Uncle Richard,. We Love you. Thank you for your service.
  • Wayne Stafford - Sunday 28 July 2019 15:21
    This plane was directed to pick up two wounded Marines from a booby trap. It was an ambush. The plane had a perforated oil cooler and armor, shredded radio compartment, numerous holes in the deck, no aux hydraulics, no instruments, a round trapped inside the crew chief's ICS box, numerous miscellaneous holes near the rotor head, two jugs hit and a slightly wounded co-pilot from a round glancing off the cyclic. The plane made it to Con Thien saving the whole crew.
  • John Martin - Thursday 11 July 2019 20:48
    I have this picture stored away.I can't forget that voyage. I joined 265 when they were leaving Phu Bai going to the Tripoli. I arrived in Phu Bai just in time to catch the last bird out for the ship. Had only been in country about 18 hours and was leaving already. Toward the end of our time on the Tripoli we were sent to the Philipines for repairs to the ship. The day we were leaving Subic Bay was the day the USS Forrestal caught on Fire. We were told that we were going to her aid but then cancelled because there were more than enough already there.
  • John Martin - Thursday 11 July 2019 20:19
    photo was in front of 265 ready room at Phu Bai 1967. Doug Delude on left. Was told he was only marine to be awarded silver stars on two consecutive days.
    Guy in middle 2nd from left is Richard Evans from Macon Ga. On his first in country extension in 1968 Richard was wounded in the leg flying a test hop with Gunner Poe. He ended losing the leg due infections from the surgeries at atlanta va in 1970. Never met Doug but Richard showed me the photo in 1967 and told me about Doug.
  • Dick Haley - Thursday 11 July 2019 03:12
    Crew of YZ19