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  • Rick Carr HMM-162 1963 - Sunday 28 April 2019 19:07
    Rick Carr, Lenny Demko, Fritz Zander
  • Brook Stevenson - Wednesday 27 March 2019 02:50
    On the right was 1st Lt Billie Ruth. Billie was at the Pentagon 9/11 and was one of the many casualties on the terrible day.
  • Brook Stevenson - Wednesday 27 March 2019 02:43
    Left 2nd Lt Richie English, Right 1st Lt Byron Ruck
  • Brook Stevenson - Wednesday 27 March 2019 02:33
    Furthest left is/was 1st Lt Dyer 3rd from left in back Capt Wayne Fischer, 5th from left 1st Lt Brook Stevenson. (Been too long to remember the other crew members) photo I believe was taken by 2nd Lt Richie English.
  • Mike McElwee - Thursday 14 March 2019 16:12
    This is Harrisburg, PA, in 2000, (from left to right) Mike McElwee, Charles "Chuck" Songer, and Brent "BC" Blair. Former MarCads (who went through Parris Island at about the same time in 1965 (McElwee and Blair were honor men of their respective platoons in the same series at 2nd RTBn), flight school together, and then served together in HMM-161 in 1968. Chuck Songer severely WIA on 19 Aug 68 and medevaced home.
  • Ronald Roman - Monday 4 March 2019 09:40
    That was me 50 years ago almost to the date. The photo still brings back a lot of memories, most of them good, some of them, not so good. "Sempre Fi", to all my Brothers, living and deceased. Roman
  • Stan Groves - Monday 4 March 2019 09:01
    This is Cpl. John Becker, KIA flying night TAOR with firefly Aug. 27, 1968. He was in the Avionics shop. Great Marine and friend. Semper Fi, ooh Rah!
  • Jim Scott - Monday 28 January 2019 20:02
    My head is in lower right corner. I flew first mission with HMM-361 in Oct 1966. We inserted recons on first mission . My helicopter took 2 rounds in rear by tail just missing the cables running back their. JIm Botts a friend of my repaired holes. I was flying as gunner from H&MS -36.

    I wonder does anyone know what Marine unit guarded the base. I was on guard duty in August 1966 when we spotted a Sandpan in the bay. We radioed and flares went up . I was assigned guard duty for week at the point overlooking the bay. WE furnished people but exterior guard was a grunt unit . I would appreciate if anyone knows , thanks Semper FI

    I finished my tour with VMO-6 at QUang Tri February 1968.
  • George Byrnes - Friday 25 January 2019 14:45
    It is great to see Paul in this photo, he was a great guy and a first rate Hospital Corpsman. The last time I saw him was at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia, I had just started anesthesia school(1976) there. I had a ton of preoperative patient's to interview for surgery the next day and a jerk of a boss who wouldn't give me a chance to say more then hello to Paul. We got together a couple of times when I was at the Naval Academy in October(1969) and part of November when I got an early out.

    It's ironic that Phu Bai seemed like a pretty safe place yet Paul suffered and I have been disabled with PTSD, Ischemic Heart Disease and had Prostate Cancer. I wonder how many of the MAG 36 gang suffered similar maladies.

    My deepest sympathy for your loss. He and his handlebar were great and you should be very proud of your fathers service to this country.
  • Richard J. Burbine HMH-769 - Tuesday 15 January 2019 13:48
    Pretty sure this is my Dad, SSgt. Richard "Dick" Burbine, VMO-6 Korea. He is 93 years old, and still remembers the duck flying into the HO5S-1.