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Vietnam-Marine_Squadrons-MAW_1st-4839.jpg Vietnam-Marine Squadrons-MAW 1st-12817ThumbnailsVietnam-Marine Squadrons-MAW 1st-12817ThumbnailsVietnam-Marine Squadrons-MAW 1st-12817ThumbnailsVietnam-Marine Squadrons-MAW 1st-12817Thumbnails

Brigadier General Keith B. McCutcheon, Commanding General, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Something not right here. When Walt was a MG, and the CG of III MAF, the CG of 1st wing was Major General Robertshaw. By the time Robertshaw left, Walt was already a Major General. I thought MG Hockmuth took Robertshaws place until Hockmuth was killed when his chopper was shot down. Walt and Robershaw were the two Generals who ordered Jayne Mansfield out of RVN after she said she'd just as soon be in Hanoi entertaining the NVN troops as the American troops down South. Somebody said that she was killed in a car accident shortly after she and Brody left RVN. I remember that. Brody drove into the back of a vehicle carrying lumber. It didn't have the required flag on the end of the wood, so he just drove into it. It went through the windshield and she was decapitated. At the time, (since I was one of the guards on her security detail when she made the comment) I was happy. Now, not so sure. Sure wasn't a very smart thing to say. -Submitted by: gary Moore [jvmoore98@yahoo.com] 2009-03-22

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