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Vietnam-Aircraft Specific-UH 34-4039

Vietnam-Aircraft_Specific-UH_34-4039.jpg Vietnam-Aircraft Specific-UH 34-12936ThumbnailsReynolds - H-37 281229Vietnam-Aircraft Specific-UH 34-12936ThumbnailsReynolds - H-37 281229

U S Navy H-34

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    This photo looks exactly like where our little Naval outfit was located, on Thon Son Nhut Airforce base just outside of Saigon. We were called Air Cofat. It might even be me just inside the cargo hatch of the helo. We were part of NAVSUPACT - Saigon (Naval Support Activity). The three H-34s we had supported the Navys LSTs throughout country, as well as points throughout. I don't recall us having anything to do with SAR operations, though we might have from time to time. We also had three C-117s, an S2F, a C1A and a C-45 twin Beech. Those are the Air Force C-47s in the backround which was where they had parked some of them. Just on the other side of the white fence (which I also remember) looks like the irrigation ditch which ran along the edge of the ramp, and which took a rocket that never exploded and where the fins were sticking out above the mud under the waterline. I know this personally, as I was the one who walked into it while being assigned to clean out the ditch. Not being able to see through the muddy water, I reached down there and started feeling around. I quickly found several fins on a metal object, and could only say to myself - uh-oh! Soon, we had the bomb squad out there. It could have been a rocket from the Tet Offensive of '68, but I can't say for sure. Seems to me, we took several rocket attacks. I was there from 1967-69. 10/10/06 -Submitted by: Robert Thomas Borreson [adzacdav@yahoo.com] 2006-10-11