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15 July 1966 / CH-46 in Flames/ HMM-265 EP-171

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:10
    Thank you Marines for remembering Bobby. We miss him too. Semper Fi -Submitted by: Sue Telfer [gusgramma@yahoo.com] 2011-11-20
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Robert Telfer was my friend from our HMM-362 1962 Soc Trang days, - we went to 265 together in 1962 and stayed together until the day he died. he was fine Marine and crew-chief. That day, I was crewing my aircraft in the 2nd section beind the COs' first section, - a grunt Lt. got excited when he saw the a/c take its mortal hits. Expressions on the ICS was to the pilot going down was get it down - get it down - get it down. It was heavily smoking and wavering through the air and finally went over a small hill. Thereafter, we saw a hugh plume of smoke rising from the general site where the a/c went in. Sgt Lucas, the gunner, was a fine Marine also. - he survived with severe inhuries, as well as the 2 pilots. -Submitted by: Bunnie mccosar [bunniemccosar@windstream.net] 2008-01-16
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I will never forget this day. I was the gunner on EP160 With Frank Durban as the CC. Frank and Bob were very close friends. I think of Bob Telfer just about every day. We all gave some and Bob was one of those that gave it all. 40 years ago and seems like yesterday. Bob you were a great guy and you are missed. S/F -Submitted by: George DeLanoy [gcdelanoy@comcast.net] 2008-02-03
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    My brother, John N. Morris was a Navy Corpman. He died in that incident. From what I've been able to find out, the survied the crash, but died from the rotor blades stricking him and two Marines. Wondering if anyone could provied me with any info of this incident . -Submitted by: James W. Morris [white.cloud@comcast.net] 2006-10-27
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    My best friend just found this site and has requested photos. His brother Johnny Morris was killed in this crash. Thank you very much... WT. -Submitted by: Wayne McCullough [Blackbird754@alltel.net] 2006-11-02
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I remember the day it happened.I was in HMM-265.It was the first time somebody in our squadron that somebody died.I was friends with crew chief Bob Telfer from Fonda,N.Y. I think of that day often.This photo always makes me sad.I'm sorry. Jack -Submitted by: John Brennan [JEBracing@AOL.com] 2007-04-04

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