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Bill Hays

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was a crew chief on one of the other A/C on this flight. we had been to DaNang all day. Bills A/C left us at DaNang on a different mission and the other two A/C were to transport refugees from one village to another. We didn't leave there the whole day. In the evening Bills plane returned and we all left together. My A/C had a rich mixture, burned out APU and dead battery. I borrowed the other planes battery and APU to get mine going. We both made it back. We got separated over the water and never did get all three choppers together. The next day it rained so we didn't fly but some hueys did looking for them. I knew them, it was sad. -Submitted by: Alan Love [marine103@comcast.net] 2006-12-08
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    MAG-36 records<br>On 22 November 1968 the wreckage of a UH-34D was found at 16 NM east of Phu Bai (ZD 150050) by the 1st ARVN Division, 154th Regiment. The wreckage was identified as an HMM-362 aircraft missing since 30 November 1967. The remains of 4 crewmen were found and removed to the mortuary at Da Nang. -Submitted by: Wally Beddoe [webmaster@popasmoke.com] 2006-12-09
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Meet Hays on my first tour at ChuLai. We arrived in Nam about the same time. He and I drank quite a few beers right where he is sitting in this picture. He used to tell me about Coon hunting. I was on R& R in Australia when he went down. Was sad to hear about him when I got back. -Submitted by: Chuck (Robbie) Robinson [rboomer46@aol.com] 2007-02-09

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