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North mat at Ky Ha

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I can shed some light on a few comments. I was with DivArty 1971. During most of 1971 Chu Lai was slowly closing in preparation to turn base over to ARVNS. Being a Chaplains Assistant I lived in the DivArty chapel (formerly Ky Ha Chapel) on top of the hill. Yes, the Officers Club was also on the hilltop. I remember the tinkling piano. Also had kp there for borrowing a truck to visit a Donut Dollie I was smitten with. Best kp I ever had. Gin and tonics flowed for the last two hours. Yes, the officers lived along the top 2 rows of the east facing hill. Noncoms in the middle, and enlisted on the lower levels. It was Typhoon Hester that blew Chu Lai over Oct 23, 1971. Winds 134 knots, gusts to 180. Knocked out base power and water. Seems most of the time I was there SEALAND truck trailers sat on the MAT. There was a chopper pad across the road the Chaplains used daily. My pics are on fb Van Coi Orphanage Chu Lai Vietnam. peace, Tom Brogan -Submitted by: Tom Brogan [tbro50@msn.com] 2011-02-12
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was there in 66-67 right across from crash crew,bulkfuel section.I think I know you jack.I still have that year book from Ky Ha.2 -Submitted by: Ignacio Castilleja [icastilleja@aol.com] 2011-04-22
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Dec 1968- Dec 1969. Starting at the top right hootches. F/8th Cav Blue Ghosts [UH-1s, OH-6As, Snakes]. My classmates Mike McDonald and Billy Martin [KIA] lived there. Next row of hootches left on the water. A/123rd Aviation Battalion Pelicans [UH-1s, OH-6As I flew both] I lived in the 3rd hootch from the right with 2nd Platoon pilots, The left side of that V B/123rd Aviation Battalion Warlords [UH-1s, OH6As, C Model Guns later snakes] and a Platoon of Infantry Animals. Of course we knew the Marine Corps H-34 Unit had been there before us...and the 1St Cav as they painted thier yellow shield on the active. Even the 101st snakes came there during my watch and were active west of Tam Ky. The hills around LZ East and LZ Center had many H-34s laying in the trees. LZ East was overrun with flame throwers during my watch. I landed there just a few hours after. The defining year of my life! Guess I didn't set my sights too high. Cheers, Pelican 223 -Submitted by: CW2 C. E. Mike McCormick [mmccormick@core.com] 2008-11-15
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    March, 2008, I just got back from a trip to V.N., specifically to Chu Lai. There is a modern terminal there now (where MAG-13 was). The MAG-12 runways are mostly covered with sand, low bush. The beach is a mess and the hill where the Americal div. was is now overgrown with lots of small V.N. homes spread throughout the area. You wouldn't recognize hwy. 1 now. Heavy traffic, thousands of small buildings, farms, etc. Really glad to see normal life again in such a ravaged area. Sgt. M. Smith, U.S.M.C MAG-12, MABS-12 Dec. 66 to March 69 Semper Fi. -Submitted by: Murray Smith [smithonca@yahoo.ca] 2008-03-14
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was just off the Northeast corner of the South mat at Ky Ha from Halloween 1970 to Halloween 1971 with the 723d Maintenance Batallion. We would have been just out of the upper right side of the Picture. At that point Div Arty was on the Hill. We overlooked the beach and a beautiful coral reef that was great for snorkelling. Just before I left we were hit by a pretty bad typhoon that took down many buildings including large metal Hangers not shown here, but on the east side of the mats. Also knocked out our power so the wire ws illuminated by flares and more requent Hueys with searchlights. I often wonder what the place looks like now and what happened to the civilians who worked for us. -Submitted by: Mike Nawrath [mnawrath@sover.net] 2006-09-12
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Good God what memories!!! Guys; is it true this place is grown over with vegitation? I've heard you would not recognize it. Would like to stand there for a moment one more time before the BIG flight! Ed Tatman HMM362 RVN 66/67 -Submitted by: Ed Tatman [etatman@okktc.org] 2007-04-26
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Best pic yet of Ky Ha Flightline. I was with MABS-36 Crash Crew Ky Ha 66-67. I also have many slides of KY Ha that I would love to share, I'm not sure how you convert them to pics! -Submitted by: Jack Maiz [jmaiz@aol.com] 2006-08-14