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Okinawa Camp Hanson?

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    This was my last duty station once I was discharged from the hospital in Guam. I use to play the slots in the town right across the street from Hansen. Won enough to buy an electric guitar, only they never placed it on the plane. Wait till I go back there. I was discharged from Pendleton on Nov. 10, 1971 -Submitted by: HJ Mouse Carter [jon2cu2@rochester.rr.com] 2007-09-08
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I also think that is the Mess Hall in the back ground. Also notice what we Marines do best...take a quick or long nap! The picture to me is guys going back to the world. Notice that they have Garment Bags and Suit Cases with them, they would not take that if being sent Down South. It looks like they our on their way back to the World. Sekou Shepard, 2nd Fire Team, 2nd Plt., Charlie Co., 1st M.P. Bn. -Submitted by: Sekou Shepard [shep19672000@yahoo.com] 2006-03-18
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I really love this shot of the Camp Hansen (Butler) Basketball Court Every marine waiting to go Down South spent a brief stay here, even the guys from Casual Company, who had been treated for wounds not serious enough to get a ticket back to the world. If you just came in from the world, here was where you got your first sight of the guys coming in from the other end. IE: The guys lucky enough not to have been med-evacked to the states. The first thing you noticed was that they didn't look at you. When the word came that your flight to Da Nang was ready, a PA announced: Fall Out On The Basketball Court. -Submitted by: Ron Main [main19@email.msn.com] 2006-03-02

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