KIA INCIDENT: 19680108 HMM-362 Vietnam

Brothers (& Sisters) Killed in Action in USMC Helicopters or while assigned to USMC Helicopter or Tiltrotor Squadrons

19680108HMM-362 Vietnam

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Incident Date 19680108 HMM-362 UH-34D 150559+ - Crash, Instrument Meterological Conditions

Cramer, Robert Michael Maj Pilot HMM-362 MAG-36 1968-01-08 (vvm 33E:081)
Colburn Jr., Denver Dewey Capt Co-Pilot HMM-362 MAG-36 1968-01-08 (vvm 33E:081)

CRAMER ROBERT MICHAEL : 076778 : USMC : MAJ : O4 : 7561 H-34 : 32 : STOUTLAND : MO : 19680108 : hostile, crash, land : AircraftCommander : body recovered : Thua Thien (Hue) :10 : 19350924 : Cauc : Protestant/married : 33E : 081 : SILVER STAR 8JAN1968
COLBURN DENVER DEWEY JR : 093025 : USMCR : CAPT : O3 : 7561 H-34 : 26 : BROOKSVILLE : FL : 19680108 : hostile, crash, land : Copilot : body recovered : Thua Thien (Hue) :06 : 19410225 : Cauc : Protestant/single : 33E : 081

Personal Narrative

"We listened to Bob and Denney conversing with the ground unit on FM radio in the squadron ready room. They had launched into very bad weather; rain, fog and low clouds, with the LZ in the mountains. Bob told the ground unit he was going to spiral down thru the clouds, break out below and spot the LZ and make the pick up. They hit a ridgeline, exploded and burned. The ground unit saw the flash and fire but could not get to them."

"Sgt John Corona my outstanding crew chief who was normally assigned to me and YL-37 was their crew chief for that flight. He escaped from the aircraft with serious burns, and evaded VC during the night; we picked him up the next morning, along with the crash remains. He was medevaced to Yokusuka Hospital Japan Burn center, and later returned to the squadron to finish his tour."

Submitted by: Walt Shauer, HMM-362, 20030816

Maj Robert Michael Cramer

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Capt Denver D. Colburn Jr.

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