KIAS: Vietnam (1962 - 1975)

List of 845 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Squadron  Incident Date 
Whitehead Jr. Charles WO1 HMM-361 19631008
Tuthill Charles Cpl MABS-16 19631008
Chemis Charles GySgt HMM-161 19651017
Antonelly Charles Cpl HMM-161 19651106
Mason Charles 1stLT HMM-163 19670224
Chomel Charles PFC 19670611
Kerr Charles 2ndLt HMM-163 19671215
Smith Charles LCpl 19680108-1
Parsons Charles Sgt 19680228
Spillman Charles BU1 19680228
Pope Jr. Charles LCpl 19701118
Finley Charles PFC 19680411
Wyatt Charles 1stLT HMM-262 19680824
Peddy Charles PFC HMM-364 19690126
Miller Jr. Charles Cpl HMM-364 19690207
Henricks Charles 1stLT HMM-161 19690323
Meeks Jr. Charles Sgt HMM-364 19690411
Vesey Charles Sgt HMM-165 19690420
Shelton Charles LCpl 19690502
Hackworth Charles HM1 Corpsmen 19690727
Butler Charles 1stLT HMM-364 19691228
Burney Charlie Cpl HMM-363 19670625
Hwang Chong SSgt 19671125
Fabris Chris Cpl HMM-363 19660725
Vietnamese - Unknown Civilian HMH-463 19680219


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