KIAS: Vietnam (1962 - 1975)

List of 845 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Squadron  Incident Date 
Sisson Winfield Col (PP) 19651018
Ferguson Jr. Willie LCpl 19681011
Harris William Capt HMM-361 19631008
Odom Jr. William Sgt HMH-463 19710218
Nystul William Capt HMM-164 19750429
Reynolds William Capt HMM-163 19650328
Leatherwood Jr. William 2ndLt HMM-163 19660217
Goodsell William Maj VMO-6 19660616-1
Smith William Capt 19660723
Johnson William Capt HMM-265 19661006
Coyne William LCpl 19670111
Clover Jr. William Cpl HMM-262 19670512
Gottschalk William 1stLT HMM-262 19670512
Elmore Jr. William 1stLT HMM-363 19670902
McGee IV William LCpl HMM-363 19670902
Hays William Cpl HMM-362 19671130
Turner William Cpl 19680228
Seward William Maj HMM-165 19680306-1
Davis William 1stLT HMM-262 19700922
Leftwich Jr. William LtCol 19701118
Hall William 1stLT VMO-6 19680324
Cook William HM3 19680326
Walker William Maj H&MS-16 19680420
Ebright William Cpl 19680606
Hannings William LCpl 19680606


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