KIAS: Vietnam (1962 - 1975)

List of 845 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Squadron  Incident Date 
Byars Earnest LCpl HMM-164 19670730
Cadenhead Theodore PFC 19700310
Cain Frederick Cpl VMO-6 19660425
Caldwell Robert Cpl 19680228
Caller Michael LCpl H&MS-16 19670828
Campbell Ronald PFC 19680425-1
Campbell Ronald LCpl HMM-165 19690611
Campbell Thomas LCpl MABS-16 19690705
Carley Michael 1stLT HMM-362 19670227
Carney Robert 1stLT VMO-2 19681203
Carroll Frank 1stLT HMM-263 19690401
Carter Thomas Capt VMO-3 19671114
Case Orson Cpl 19660715
Casner Jr. Lewis 1stLT HML-167 19700719
Castle Roger Cpl HMM-163 19670224
Castle Robert 1stLT HML-167 19700321
Castro Reinaldo Sgt 19670427
Cauthern Roger Cpl HMM-363 19671108
Cavanagh Michael HM2 HMM-161 19690602
Cavicchi Jr. James LCpl 19660321
Cawley James Capt VMO-6 19680425-1
Cerrotta Louis 1stLT HMM-165 19711220
Cestare Joseph 1stLT VMO-2 19680420
Chadwick III Leon Capt VMO-6 19661114
Chamaj Andrew HM3 19660715


"Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"