List of 1191 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Young Michael Cpl USMC HMM-262 19710330
Olson Bruce LCpl USMC HMM-262 19710419
VanGundy George Cpl USMC HMM-262 19710419
Seybold Gerald CWO USMC VMO-2 19710428
Miller Keith Cpl USMC HMM-165 19711220
Schnakenberg Merle Cpl USMC HMM-165 19711220
Davis Gregory LCpl USMC HMM-165 19711227
Crody Kenneth Cpl USMC HMM-165 19720711
Hendrix Jerry SSgt USMC HMM-165 19720711
Nelson Clyde SSgt USMC HMM-165 19720711
Nystul William Capt USMC HMM-164 19750429
Slack Jr. Richard Cpl USMC HMM-162 19641121
Nipper David LCpl USMC 19641121
Greer Robert SSgt USMC MABS-16 19640607
Schreckengost Fred SSgt USMC MABS-16 19640607
Frye Alfred Sgt USMC HMM-365 19650127
Williams Jr. John LCpl USMC HMM-365 19650207
Reynolds William Capt USMC HMM-163 19650328
Lutz Werner Capt USMC VMO-2 19650602
Foster Curtis PFC USMC HMM-161 19650606
Tracy Gary Cpl USMC HMM-161 19650606
McBee Carl LCpl USMC HMM-161 19650606
Wilson Frank Cpl USMC HMM-161 19650606
Womack Robert SSgt USMC HMM-364 19651011
Chmura Michael Cpl USMC HMM-161 19651017


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