List of 1191 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Hannings William LCpl USMC 19680606
Brencich William LCpl USMC VMO-6 19690228
Hutton William HM2 USN HMM-161 19690314
Stolley Jr. William LCpl USMC 19690314
Sperb William HM2 USNR MABS-16 19690414
Bazemore William LCpl USMC HMM-161 19690422
Peters Jr. William 1stLT USMCR HMM-165 19690621
Schanck Jr. William 2ndLt USMCR 19690621
Anderson William Cpl USMC HML-167 19690708
Currence William Capt USA 19690115
Magerr III William Cpl USMC H&MS-16 19690819
Beadnell William PFC USMC HMM-364 19691228
Higgins William 1stLT USMCR HMM-364 19691228
Johnson Jr. William Cpl USMC 19680703-1
Moon William LCpl USMC 19680703-1
Foster William Sgt USMC HML-167 19680721
Clark William Cpl USMC HMH-463 19680728
Ryland William LCpl USMC HMM-262 19680824
Berry William Cpl USMC HMM-262 19680921
Voss William 1stLT USMCR HML-167 19680929
Hale William 1stLT USMCR HMM-265 19681011
Emerson William Capt USMCR HMM-265 19681120
Smith Jr. William PFC USMC 19681120
Frantz William LCpl USMC HMM-161 19681017
Covington William LT (USN) USN 19690107


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