List of 1191 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Krauss Walter Major USMC 19670618
Shaffer Jr. Wallace HM3 USNR 19680108-1
Bergstrom Jr. Wallace GySgt USMC HMM-265 19690207-1
Terwilliger Virgil LCpl USMC HMM-163 19670313
Larkins Virgil LCpl USMC 19690510
Jacobs Vincent 1stLT USMCR HMM-165 19690107
Sabasteanski Vincent SSgt USMC 19991209
Pirker Victor Cpl (PP) USMC HMM-362 19651122
Garza Vicente Sgt USMC 19680108-1
Parker Jr. Vernon Cpl USMC HMM-161 19660925
Venegas Vernon Cpl USMC HMH-463 19680108-1
ARVN troops (9) unknown unknown ARVN 19651203
Hart Ty LCpl USMC HMH-463 20150114
Powell Troy LCpl USMC 19690502
Cook Trevor Sgt USMC HMLA-369 20110706
Fuller Travis 1stLT USMC 20050126
Ford Travis Capt USMC HMLA-267 20030405
Pfister Travis Sgt USMC HMM-364 20070207
Riddick Travis MSgt USMC HMH-363 20120119
Hernandez Tony Cpl USMC HMH-361 20050126
Gritz Toby 1stLT USMCR HML-367 19700325
Berry Timothy LCpl USMC 19670111
Bodden Timothy MSgt USMC HMM-165 19670603
Pyle Timothy LCpl USMC HMM-262 19690502
Gibson Timothy Cpl USMC 20050126


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