List of 1191 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Sisson Winfield Col (PP) USMC 19651018
Pyles Harley Col (PP) USAF 19651018
Anderson Thomas Cpl USMC HMM-163 19621006
Skoviak Ronald Cpl USMC HMM-361 19631008
Tuthill Charles Cpl USMC MABS-16 19631008
Moll Steven Cpl USMC 19710121
Hatter Larry Cpl USMC HMH-463 19710218
Young Michael Cpl USMC HMM-262 19710330
VanGundy George Cpl USMC HMM-262 19710419
Miller Keith Cpl USMC HMM-165 19711220
Schnakenberg Merle Cpl USMC HMM-165 19711220
Crody Kenneth Cpl USMC HMM-165 19720711
Slack Jr. Richard Cpl USMC HMM-162 19641121
Tracy Gary Cpl USMC HMM-161 19650606
Wilson Frank Cpl USMC HMM-161 19650606
Chmura Michael Cpl USMC HMM-161 19651017
Antonelly Charles Cpl USMC HMM-161 19651106
Dowell Gary Cpl USMC HMM-364 19651027
Corle John Cpl USMC HMM-364 19651208
Dempsey Warren Cpl USMC HMM-364 19651203
White Robert Cpl USMC HMM-364 19651203
Beuster Ronald Cpl USMC HMM-363 19660204
Hebert Jr. Calvin Cpl USMC HMM-163 19660217
Case Orson Cpl USMC 19660715
Cain Frederick Cpl USMC VMO-6 19660425


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