List of 1191 USMC Helicopter Crewmembers and Passengers KIA

Last Name  First Name  Rank  Branch  Squadron  Incident Date 
Lanham Donald LCpl USMC H&MS-16 19690819
Magerr III William Cpl USMC H&MS-16 19690819
Reed Philip Cpl USMC H&MS-16 19680602
Wagner Jr. Cecil Cpl USMC H&MS-16 19680929
Pierce Billy Tech Rep Civilian H&MS-16 19690611
Coles Kyle LCpl USMC H&MS-36 19680228
Frye Michael LCpl USMC H&MS-36 19690130
Schlicht Jerome 1stLT USMCR H&MS-36 19690130
Scrimshaw Wayne Cpl USMC H&MS-39 19690613
Martino Michael Capt USMC HMA-369 20051102
Bloomfield II Gerald Maj USMC HMA-369 20051102
Anderson Kent 1stLT USMCR HMH-361 19690901
Escobedo Jr. Julian LCpl USMC HMH-361 19690901
Hutcheson George Sgt USMC HMH-361 19690901
Marsh Robert LCpl USMC HMH-361 19690901
Wright Donald Capt USMC HMH-361 19690901
Elder Jr. Allen MSgt USMC HMH-361 19691101
Nelson Fred LCpl USMC HMH-361 19691101
Nicholson Jr. Gerald LCpl USMC HMH-361 19691101
Partington Roger Capt USMC HMH-361 19691101
Hernandez Tony Cpl USMC HMH-361 20050126
Kimble Dexter SSgt USMC HMH-361 20050126
Gordon Lyle Capt USMC HMH-361 20050126
Alaniz Paul Capt USMC HMH-361 20050126
Cohee III Walter SSgt USMC HMH-361 20020120


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