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Stationed East Or West?

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  • Stationed East Or West?

    Hey im Pfc Hanohano, student here at CNATT ready to head over to 303 for CMT... 6174 november crewchief.. I was just wondering if anybody knows kinda where us November guys will end up... Either Pendleton or New River? Word on the street is everybody here on Pendleton are switchin over to the Yankees so there sendin all us old model guys to NC.. any truth in that? thanks

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    East or West?

    You'll end up going where they need you an the time. I was an East coast guy and requested New River after Viet Nam, figuring it would be a slam dunk for a CH-46 guy and I'd be close to home...Guess what? I was sent to LTA Santa Ana/Tustin. I was pissed at the time, but it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Either way you'll serve with good Marines. Just salute and say Aye-aye sir!
    Semper Fidelis

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      The plan that I read last year was west coast would retire the Novembers 2012 and east coast 2014. All is dependent on Y deliveries and if the moon and stars align

      Skids forever


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        yeah but 2012 is two years though.... and HMLA-167 and 269 im pretty sure are already switchin over.... who knows... ill just go with the flow


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          yeah I mean I have no issue with east or west coast.. the only huey squadrons are in new river and camp pen, just would kinda be nice to know where I'm goin y'know? noone ever tells us anything around here, but it is the Marine Corps.

          Thanks guys


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            Home is where the Marine Corps sends you. At least that's what it says on a plaque I have.


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              New squadron at cherry point

              There is a new squadron at Cherry Point now HMLA-467 Stood up last year Along with a new 53 squadron. Bill McMillian


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                do you know if theyre stickin novembers or yankees out there?


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                  Does anyone know what sqdr. are in Afganistan and do you have a contact addres? Want to send boxes to front line units.

                  Clear to turn sir.


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                    do you know if theyre stickin novembers or yankees out there?
                    467 has N's now.

                    According to the latest Aviation Plan, this is the East Coast transition schedule:
                    HML/A-567 activates FY2011 with UH-1N/AH-1W; starts transition to Y's during 1st Qtr FY 2012.
                    HML/A-467 transitions 1st Qtr FY2013.
                    HML/A-167 starts transition 4th Qtr 2013.
                    HML/A-269 starts transition 1st Qtr FY 2014.
                    First East Coast squadron starts transition at the same time as last West Coast squadron (HMLA-469).


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                      Built the squadron with novembers and wiskies in July. Not sure when they will transition. Pendleton seems to have first choice since the training command has the aircraft. Bill McMillian


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                        they tell you where to go

                        what to do , what color, and how much ! just what Joe Reed and Slick said ! s/f Marine and God speed !
                        non illigitimus carborundumMAF gripe ... deadbugs on windshield...action taken...R&R with live bugs!


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                          Anywhere they send you is good when you're with other Marines; just different scenery to fly over. Stick around long enough and you'll see it all.


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                            All Good !!

                            Looking back over the years : East Coast, West Coast, Korea, Japan, Vietnam ,PI, etc . All my favorite !! Good Units & good Marines, couldnt be better !! Enjoy ! SF PM


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                              thats true. keep the faith !
                              non illigitimus carborundumMAF gripe ... deadbugs on windshield...action taken...R&R with live bugs!