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Memorial Day Weekend at The Wall

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  • Memorial Day Weekend at The Wall

    I realize that it's still over 3 months to the Memorial Day Weekend, but I'd like everyone to think about what they will do on that weekend. Zok, Sturk, Slick, me, and other POPASMOKERS will be setting up the POPASMOKE booth again near the Vietnam War Memorial. Why not give a thought to joining us and meeting and greeting Vietnam veterans from all the services ? You'll be glad you did !! If you can come for just one day it will be a day you won't forget !!

    Semper Fi

    Crazy Joe

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    Memorial Week-end

    Gents, Ladies and others.

    On May 29th, the WWII Memorial, which is about 3 blocks from where the Popasmoke tent will be set up, is being dedicated at 1300. They have stopped taking reservations for tickets - they have too many requests!!! I have heard the number of 800,000 coming that week-end. HELP!!!!!!!! With that kind of turnout, just 3 blocks away, our little group will need all the help we can get for support. The booth will need to be set up earlier than ever. They are saying that they will open the gates at the WWII Memorial at 0900-1100 (they will announce a definite time later), so 0700 (our usual time) just won't cut it this year. Please contact Joe Scholle if there is any way you can help us out. Any and all ideas for manning the hootch will be greatly appreciated. Mix in 200,000+ for Rolling Thunder on Sunday and you have a recipe for a VERY, VERY busy week-end.




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      Memorial Day


      Crunch time is just about here. Larry Zok is right. With the dedication of the WW II Memorial on Memorial Day Weekend, the Mall will be crowded. Throw in Rolling Thunder and we can expect beaucoup people and traffic. And THAT'S A LOT !!!

      To counter the expected crowd, and to get a parking space, set up of the POPASMOKE tent will start at 0600 this year. All hands are encouraged to help out. We will be, as usual, at 20th and Constitution. As Tom Dooley used to say for Northeast Airlines - "Come on down !!"

      The wreath presentation ceremony will be at 1030 hrs on Monday the 31st. Color Guard, bagpiper and Young Marines will be on hand.

      Semper FI

      Crazy Joe


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        Memorial Day Weekend

        Many, many thanks to all who helped out at the POPASMOKE "Hootch" this past weekend. Early Saturday morning setting up the tent was an experience not soon to be forgotten. Street closings, police throwing us out of our parking spots, and barricades were a few of the "fun" things we had to cope with. Prevailing though was a great experience.
        I'd like to encourage all POPASMOKERS to serously consider coming to the "Hootch" this coming Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran's Day for a wonderful experience.
        Again, many thanks.

        "Crazy Joe"