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Memorial Week-end DC/The Wall

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  • Memorial Week-end DC/The Wall

    Do you think ya might be able to skip the beach this year and help us out at the Wall? I will be in New York watching my nephew graduate from West Point and will not be there for Saturday set-up. Crazy Joe & Marion will be needing some extra help. If you can spare a few hours on 5/28, 5/29 or 5/30 and are in the DC area, please let Joe Scholle know ( As always, Saturday is set-up day, Sunday is Rolling Thunder (real big pain in the tuchuss) and Monday is our Memorial Service in the AM, before the President goes to Arlington National Cemetary. We would really like to see a few new faces this year.

    Semper Fi


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    Memorial Weekend

    LZ....have you got any leads on lodging in the area that weekend, or something where one could get on the underground from. Have wanted to get up for one of these for awhile, might happen this year.


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      Lodgin in DC Metro area

      You can check with Jim Turner on this. I recommended the Rosslyn Marriott to him as it is just across the Roosevelt Bridge from where we set up. You are a 3 minute cab ride there. You don't have to hassle with trying to find a place to park, but I think the Marriott charges a per day fee to park, not sure though. Make reservations soon though as all the bikers will scarfing up all the available rooms soon. They have a tendency to stay in Chrystal City as they meet at the Pentagon for Rolling Thunder. Hope this helps.



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        Memorial Week-end

        Ok, here's the drill. We are short on people again. Marion and Joe have told me that only a few of you have stepped up (and we thank you), however, more is always better. Please, I don't want to beg here. We have 38-40 Young Marines showing up on Monday for our Memorial Service. 0930 Muster at 20th Street & Constitution Avenue. Any of you new guys to the Association, drop by. Us old guys don't bite!!!!


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          After Action Report

          What a glorious week-end!!! On Saturday, Marion Sturkey, Joe Scholle, Butch Powell and Jim Turner set up our booth and had a great day. On Sunday (Rolling Thunder) the same crew was there and I joined them. We had members of the Donnell family (Sgt Robert Donnell II/KIA 701118 HMM-263) stop by and visit. We invited them back for our Memorial Service on Monday. The day was VERY VERY busy with all the motorcycle traffic. Closed up shop at 1700. Re-opened at 0700 on Memorial Day. Same group of guys, with the addition of Tom Cannon. At 0900 we had a group of Young Marines turn up and asked what they were supposed to do to help. We told them to take a break and we would be ready for them shortly. At 0930, we called the Young Marines to attention and informed them that we would be doing a Memorial Service shortly, but we needed to make sure that they had enough spit and polish to do the job. To that end, we had talked LtCol Jim "Trigger" Shaeffer, one of the original MV-22 Pilots, into inspecting them. Dress blues and all, what a treat for them. At 0955 we asked that Pat Boone stop his sound check so we could proceed with our Memorial Service - and he did so!!!! So, at 1000 the detail was called to attention, the Color Guard posted, the detail posted and then the Wreath Detail posted to the tune of Amazing Grace (done by 2 bagpipers). The Wreath Detail consisted of LtCol Shaeffer, Butch Powell (HMM-262) and the following members of the Donnell clan, Dorothy Gruber, Jeff Donnell, Eric Donnell and Doug Donnell. At the base of the Wall, Trigger and Butch stopped and set the wreath down, the Donnell's picked it up and placed it at the Wall. Butch followed with a brief prayer. The detail was called to attention and the Marine Corps Hymn was played (again by the bagpipers) followed by Taps. During the playing of Taps, I swear to you, there was not a person moving, there was absolutely TOTAL SILENCE, except for the bugler!!!! We had a number of people come up to us afterwards and thank us for remembering. It was a very moving experience, one I hope you might want to attend in the future. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get some rest. Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters. NEVER FORGET!!!!
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            Memorial Day Weekend

            I always enjoy meeting all the various people that show up and talk with them. It is an unusual experience to meet so many veterans from different periods of history. I shook the hands of two Iwo Jima Marines and had a chance to breifly speak with them, as well as many other veterans. I encourage all of the Popasmoke members to think about coming next year and for the Marine Corp. Birthday. Even if it is only for just one day. The more volunteers we have the more represented we are in D.C. and you won't regret it.

            SF Dave "Butch" Powell