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Birthday/After Action Report

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  • Birthday/After Action Report

    Whew, what a couple of days at the Wall. The following guys worked the hootch: Al Viti, Jim Turner, Tom Cannon, Rick Hargreaves, Joe Tomlinson, Crazy Joe Scholle, Ed Desaussure. The following guys stopped by: B J Sigman, Jim Perryman, Bruce Hoffman, Charlie Maddocks, D.V. Miller, L. E. Hancock, Lou Sessinger, John Cowling, Bob "Head" Johnson, Steave Mead, Joseph Jablonlin, Kevin Corrigan, Jeff Burstein, Philip Beckerich, Trevor Sellers, Frank Durbin, Jack Vanko and Royall "Goose" Geis.

    On the Birthday, over 200 Young Marines came by to help us remember our fallen brothers. We also did a few ceremonies in front of their formation. One of the California detachments had a WW SSgt from WWII that had never received the medals that she had earned. Her YM detachment had gotten her a WM blouse with her stripes and that was presented to her in front of all the YM;s. LtCol Jim "Trigger" Schafer then pinned on her medals. Lot of emotion there!!!

    The second ceremony was the presentation of a flag to a WWII Iwo Jima survivor. He had been presented the flag at Iwo Jima after it had been flown over the island after the 60th anniversary. Since that time it had flown over the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington, Parris Island, Sgt Grit's HQ in OKC, in Tennessee over the home of a RVN vet who died of Agent Orange and the on the 9th it was flown over 8th & I. LtCol Schafer again did the honors.

    The 3rd ceremony was the presentation of a set of Combat Air Crew wings to Stephanie Hanson. These were made by another Vet - Bill Weiler of Tenn, and they were in memory of her father and they were to replace the set that she had left at her dads panel at the Wall.

    There was then a promotion ceremony for 13 Young Marines, with Mark Kessler - Redskins stadium announcer - reading the promotion order and the LtCol Schafer then pinned the new rank on all of these kids. None of them knew that they were going to be promoted.

    On to the Memorial Service. 8th & I had pulled our Color Guard and Bugler earlier in the week and we could not find replacements. The Wreath Detail consisted of Al Viti, Stephanie Hanson, Mark Kessler and LtCol Schafer. Crazy Joe Scholle led the troops down to the V in the Wall, then the Wreath Detail posted with Mark reading a brief prayer for all Marine KIA's. Our bagpipers played Amazing Grace while the Wreath Detail marched down, followed by the Marine Corps Hymn and finally they played Taps on the pipes. Sounded really nice.

    General Pace was the featured speaker at the Wall ceremony on Friday and he really got the troops fired up. I have over 40 photos to post, when I get the time and can figure out how to do it.

    Thanks again to all who made this time wonderful.

    Semper Fi