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Memorial Week-end

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  • Memorial Week-end

    Marines & Devil Doc's

    Due to an impending surgery, I will not be able to assist at the Wall in May. Crazy Joe, Sturk, Jim, Tom, Tom, Rick, Joe & Al (I hope they all show up again) will need all the help they can get. I know with the reunion in August, some may not be able to do both - and we prefer that you go to Cowtown!!!
    If you can help in any way, setting up, tearing down, just hanging out, I know they will appreciate it. Please respond through the NOTAM Board.

    Semper Fi

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    Memorial Day Weekend

    I am plannig on being on east coast during that time frame. Will be visiting family in West "by God" Virginia and also in Virginia area. Any suggestions regarding motels or hotels that are close to the Wall. Will definitely be visiting our members at the Popasmoke tent. Thanks in advance for your help.

    S/F Gary Alls
    HMM-263 '66-'67


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      Hotels in DC


      With Rolling Thunder in town, Chrystal city is usually filled up with bikers. That leaves Rosslyn, right off Route 50 and real close to the Wall. There is a Marriott at Key Bridge and I think there is a Motel 6 off route 50.


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        What is the schedule at the wall this year, where and when do you need help, I might be able to help some, or 301 567-6494
        Reames O Wooten
        HMH 463 1968


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          There are two places to stay close to the Wall, both are about a 10 block walk are a short cab ride

          One Washington Circle Hotel at 23 and Pennsylvania Ave. NW
          phone # 202 872-1680

          The George Washington University Inn at 824 New Hampshire Ave. NW
          phone # 202 337-6620

          Reames O. Wooten
          HMH 463 1968


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            Thanks for the reply. I have reservations at the JW Marriott which is close to the mall area. I am looking forward to visiting with the members at the Popasmoke tent and paying respects to some friends at the wall.

            S/F Gary
            HMM-263 '66'-'67


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              Hootch at the Wall


              Hootch set up is scheduled for 1900 on Friday 5/26. Hootch will open at 0800 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Rolling Thunder is noon on Sunday, Constitution Ave is blocked off from Thunder Alley (23rd Street) to 17th Street so you need to get there early 0800 earlier. Monday is our Memorial Service. Muster I believe is at 0930 with the service at 1000 or so, I need to double check with Crazy Joe on the time on our permit. Break down will be at 1500 on Monday the 29th. We usually close the hootch about 1600 on Saturday and Sunday. All help greatly appreciated. Crazy Joe Scholle and Marion Sturkey are the honcho's on this one.


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                Will the Hootch be at 20th Street & Constitution Ave. NW this year.
                Reames O. Wooten
                HMH 463 1968


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                  Yup, 20th Street & Constitution Avenue.


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                    Memorial Day Ceremony

                    Larry and all:

                    Permit has our ceremony at 1030 hrs on the 29th.

                    Sturk and I are going to try and start setting up at about 1800 hrs Friday evening. 1800 is the earliest we can park on Constitution Ave. after Rush Hour is over. All are welcome to help in the set up of the tent.

                    "Crazy Joe"


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                      Thanks for your hard work at the Wall. I can't get away to come help. I really have liked helping out down there in the past and it is always a great experience talking with all the Vets, military, and people who drop by. It is a great work you do. I miss being there this time around, sorry I can't make it , Dave "Butch" Powell.
                      David "Butch" Powell HMM-262 RVN 70-71


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                        Memorial Day at The Wall - 2006

                        Once again POPASMOKE had a most successful Memorial Day weekend at The Wall. Many thanks to the following who showed up for Hootch set up, manning the booth, and just plain old showing up to show support for POPASMOKE.

                        J. D. Barber
                        Larry Zok
                        Marion Sturkey
                        Jim Turner
                        Slick Katz
                        Joe Scholle
                        Tom Rodriguez
                        Joe Jablonski
                        Al Holmes
                        Jim Hammontree
                        Steve Adzima
                        Reams Wooten
                        Rick Hargreaves
                        John Borman
                        Gary Alls
                        Craig Loftin
                        Marion Morgan
                        H. Rae Scott

                        Hope to see ya'll in November at The Wall.

                        Semper Fi

                        "Crazy Joe"