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What is appropriate to wear at the reunion in Reno?

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  • What is appropriate to wear at the reunion in Reno?

    Best Advice is "Anything that does “not” go well with a tie"


    Anything from your time in service

    Anything Marines Corps or military

    Anything that does “not” go well with a tie

    Anything that is comfortable from jeans, shorts, slacks,

    T ****s to casual golf ****s - there will be a lot of them for sale in the vendor area.

    Cowboy hats to Squadron caps , there will be plenty of Squadron & military caps available in the vendor area,

    Sneakers to cowboy boots

    To sum it up, be comfortable and casual.
    Semper Fidelis

    George T. Curtis

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    What to wear in Reno

    Does "casual" go for the two main dinners too? I was considering a business suit, partly out of "Respect". Is that to much? Should we stay casual?
    Semper Fi
    Now is the time to stand fast in our faith and on our principles. . .

    John [Hodge] Nicholson


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      Thursday is a warm welcome aboard it is very casual, jeans and a squadron shirt t shirt, USMC shirts or POP A SMOKE Polo Shirts, lots of those for sale in the vendor area all day Thursday. Same for Friday’s squadron dinner and again on Saturday.

      The most dressed up we prefer is a polo shirt and slacks, Jeans and a shirt with a collar work fine also.

      Golden Rule is DRESS COMFORTABLY, we are Family and we do not judge each other by our clothing.

      No suits, PLEASE.

      Go to our Reunion photos

      And visit for awhile and you will feel more comfortable.
      Semper Fidelis

      George T. Curtis


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        When in doubt

        When in doubt, follow the old dictum:
        "Dress blue and tennis shoes"

        Brown side out, green side out - it doesn't matter. Just don't dress like a golfer (you know, yellow, or pink trousers, etc.) or some local might make a pass at you.

        Have fun. Wish I could be there!


        • #5

          The way I remember the old dictum:

          DRESS BLUES

          TENNIS SHOES

          and a LIGHT COAT OF OIL
          (assuming you just got back from the pool)

          Tom Knowles


          • #6
            Tom, you are absolutely right. I didn't think about the "light coat of oil" until after I posted.

            I stand corrected (in my dress blues and tennis shoes and a light coat of oil).


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              Boondockers &

              Was something about muster in dog tags & boondockers sometime back! What happended to cosmolene & field scarfs?? Times change!! Semper Fi PM: PS forgot those were for Formal ocassions!!!
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                Sporting your colors

                In Fort Worth at Bronco Fest last Oct. we had a flightsuit party, have you ever tryed one of these? It was a hoot, we all worked on our old suits or dug out the party suits. The velcro at center/center was streached to the limit but no one let on that we weren't the same babes as 30+ years ago. We had a young female Huie pilot from the III MAW there, now in Iraq, she swaped my old I MAW for her new III MAW patch. I was pleased to do it.
                The time, the inclination, and the where-with-all


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                  Big question

                  The big question, Roy, is whether the patches were attached to the flight suits.

                  I remember some flight suit parties in Pensacola.


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                    For shame

                    You so missunderstand my motives in this encounter, and my wife of 31 years was there. I didn't notice "for the first time" how nice it is that flightsuits don't have any pockets on the back. This was the cutest, yellow headed, Marine I ever saw, and her father (Navy Black Ponys) pilot was there. You may take pride in the fact that I performed in the Highest Tradition of the Corp. But it took 3 days to wipe the "sheep killing grin" of my face.
                    The most amazing thing of all was she thought all us old coots were cool, not to fear, she'll grow out of that.
                    P/S She showed her respect as an officer and gentleperson by stopping just short of drinking us all under the table.
                    The time, the inclination, and the where-with-all