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  • Reno

    I would like to thank ever one involved with putting on the 2004 reunion. I think it was the best one since I have been attending. I have made all of them since 98. Roger's little show was hilarious ,I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. I am proud of those young Marines of today and I am sure the Marines Corps is in good Hands . Semper Fi Walt

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    Ditto on the great show. Even saw the fantail of my Miata in the film on the 02 reunion.

    I learned the hard way that there are some trips that are just meant to be made in an aircraft. Logged 3,500 miles for the round trip when we hit the Town of the Cow, Tx. at midnight last night. That Reno-to-Vegas section pretty much cured this Texan of wanting to "see Nevada from the road."

    We saw a Preadator drone taking off at the AFB along the way.

    The registration process at this reunion was a dream. No waiting and a real smooth walk-through.

    Congratulations to the folks who organized this one. Thanks to all!


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      Reno was great

      I would like to add my thoughts to the threads complimenting everyone who participated in the Reno Reunion, and Kudos to those who worked so hard putting it all together. Personally, I thought San Diego was pretty darn good, except for the little problem of Marine Lifer Juice.
      Thanks to the BOD and all of the Squadron Coordinators, you folks exceeded all possible expectations. Thanks to all of those who participated as vendors, you folks really add the 'color' to the reunions, and thanks to so many volunteers to help get things set up. I got to work with a terrific bunch of people putting the 'ditty' bags together, we had great fun.
      I am really looking forward to the next reunion, and I haven't even gotten over this one yet. And looking forward to a Gunship Reunion. Thanks Everyone, This One Was Great
      S/Sgt Rick Ault
      VMO-6 '66-'68
      HML-367 '69-'70


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        San Diego Reunion Comments

        Thanks to all for attending the Reno reunion. I also thought that it was the best venue we have seen in all of our get togethers since '86.

        A little clarification... My comments on stage about the San Diego reunion referred to the staff of the Town & Country Hotel who were the worst. When they wouldn't allow us to drink beer in our own hootch set-ups facing the pool area, they had gone back on their word to us. Add in their lousy attitude, and it all added up to never going there again.

        As usual, all the Pop A Smoke volunteers did a great job putting the reunion together. It's a shame that the hotel (unfortunately in my home town) turned out to be such losers.

        Semper Fi,



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          OOH RAH !!!

          To all who were instrumental in putting on the Reunion in Reno ---

          YA DONE GOOD !!!

          My wife and I had a marvelous time!

          I've only attended two of these shindigs ('02 & '04) .... and there is no comparison.

          The Hilton folks had all their stuff in one bag!

          The food was great, the convenience of everything was perfect, and all in all... I don't see where
          it could have been improved.

          What I am wondering is, has anyone gotten a final head count on the attendees?

          I'm looking forward to Ft. Worth in '06.

          For all the members..... Bill McNair needs a pat on the back for persevering and getting the
          Association to look at that location. He did a bang up job!

          I fully expect Ft. Worth to be on a par with Reno. Also that the participation may indeed increase.
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            Beeg road trip!


            Did the same trip... only in my case it was 3850 miles. From Lake Jackson, TX to Reno & return.

            Lake Jackson is right on the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles south of Galveston.

            My wife and I headed out in my new Chrysler Crossfire and fully agree with you....

            There ain't nuthin between Las Vegas and Reno! Walker Lake is the only bright spot! ... Unless
            of course you count the two incredibly green fertile valleys on 93A, where the crop of choice was hay.

            Then of course there was the massive bomb dump at Hawthorn! The entire valley was covered in ammo bunkers!

            We both had thought that the panhandle was barren! At least it's green!
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              Sierra Hotel to all those who had a hand in making this reunion the best one so far. The check in was smooth, the goodies were gangbusters, the VMO-2 hospitality room was a pure pleasure, the meals were really something to brag about (quality, quantity, presentation and service) and Saturday night was outstanding. Fort Worth, the standard has been set. Did I read something about a gunship reunion?

              Semper Fi


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                Reno, 04'

                Bravo Zulu to the Popasmoke crew and BOD on this reunion. Parroting many others, believe this is the best one yet. In addition, the hospitality from the Hilton and its staff was unbelievable! Beautiful touch in inducting the 53' and 46' flight crews as the first new members of the USMC Combat Helicopter Assoc. Been in touch with the 53' crew, and they're still in awe. What an outstanding group of fine young Marines! Didn't think I could get much prouder of this organization. Popped a few more buttons though Saturday night.

                Semper Fi,
                Brian "Sarge" Baker


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                  I just have to add my thanks and admiration for a great job planning and coordinating a GREAT reunion! My young (younger) wife was not with me during the days of flying in Vietnam, and it is sometimes a leap for her to relate to all of "us" and our better-halfs.....we were, as always made to feel completely welcome, and this reunion in particular was an occasion of my wife's feeling (possibly for the first time) really a part of us all. Priceless!

                  Thanks, and Semper Fi,



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                    DITTO - DITTO - DITTO

                    GREAT REUNION - Thank you POP-A-SMOKE ---

                    I was able to spend some quality time with R.C. "Lucky" Clark, whom I had not seen since late 1967, almost 37 years ago. He flew as my gunner more than any other during my tour (66-67) and it was good to be able to get together once again.

                    These are once-in-a-lifetime occasions that too many of us miss, for whatever reason. Whether it is a Popasmoke reunion, an individual squadron reunion or just meeting up somwhere with old pals. IT IS WORTH IT!! We all are getting older much too fast and we are losing way too many of our brothers.

                    In other words, support Popasmoke, support your individual squadron association and keep in touch with each other !!!

                    SEMPER FI
                    Joseph "Jake" Jacobs
                    HMM-262 Combat Helicopter Association


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                      Permission to speak?

                      There are so many "thank you"s to hand out!! I never knew "working" could be so much fun! (Ok .. the salary "ain't" great! lol)

                      It was wonderful renewing friendships with the guys from HMM-361! You all made my stay so much fun!

                      A special thanks to all of you who visited us at the SNAFU desk just to meet and say, "Hello"! What a pleasure to meet you and be able to put a face with the name! Thank you!

                      Working behind the SNAFU desk was an experience I will not soon forget! Larry and Marna Zok, J.D. and Buz .. thank you for your patience with me. And to all who came to us for help, I hope we were able to make your registration and stay in Reno a little better!

                      From our morning coffee visits to the late night Hospitality Suites . .the trip was extraordinaire!

                      On a very personal note. .. I deeply appreciate all of you for making me feel so welcome and I'm looking forward to "showing up" in Fort Worth! (*Roger. .. that's for you!*)

                      Take care . .and as always,

                      Semper Fi !

                      (The Mustang Lady)


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                        Mike, it is our Pres. JD who did the investigative work on the Town of the Cow as a reunion site, so thank him and a real gung ho Convention Bureau our town has.

                        I can still feel the "out there" feeling we had driving back across Nevada. Sure was proud to see trees and grass around Williams, Az.

                        Now you all who watch the news already know better than to go swimming in the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The pumps will suck you right down to the bottom. On actually has to take control of the children, holding their hands and seeing to their safety. Definitely a cool place during the summer heat, but adult supervision is a must.

                        I reckon the BOD will start a FW discussion string perty soon. I thought maybe the wife-mate and I would start listing points of interest and weblinks wherever possible. We went to dinner on the rooftop of the Reata last week and watched the streets imagining Popasmoke there. We could see Bass Performance Hall, The Flying Saucer and lots of other good hangouts from our perch.

                        The management of the Reno reunion really set the bar high for future events. The registration compared to earlier reunions was passin' salt through a widow woman. Nothing to it. Somebody did some serious homework to make this all happen.

                        My company is a golf-related industry so I asked and we got contacts at the Colonial in case any of the golfers are out there reading. It is really close to downtown. It is private, but maybe we can tap into their patriotism to get a tornament there or Shady Oaks. Both are just a couple miles from downtown.

                        Anyway, kudos once again to the Reno movers and shakers. You guys could do that kind of event professionally and kill some of the existing convention planners.

                        Does the board EVER let George Curtis take a break? I don't think I ever once saw that guy not working on this reunion. Little doubt how he got to MGYSGT - good old hard work ethic. We are real lucky to have such a BOD, and all be volunteers.
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                          Thanks to all who made the reunion a real blast,really a class act See you in Fort Worth.semper Fi