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Silent Auction A Success

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  • Silent Auction A Success

    Thanks to all who donated items for the Silent Auction and the POPASMOKE Scholarship Fund in Reno!

    Proceeds from the auction were in excess of $6,500!

    I would also like to thank those who assisted me in running the auction, which took three days in total to run.

    George & Sharon Curtis
    Brook & Stacy Stevenson
    Suzy Barbour & Diana Tomlinson

    A special thank goes to the following individuals who donated collectively over 100 items for the auction. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

    POPASMOKE Association
    Floyd "Skip" Miller HMM-163
    Allyn Hinton HML-167
    Ben Cascio HMM-362
    Ben Williams HMM-364
    Billo Comola HMM-365
    Brook Stevenson HMM-363
    Charles Rotramel HMM-165
    Charles Wright HMM-165
    charlie baker HMM-163
    Clarence Stoel VMO-2
    Dale Ellingsworth
    Dave Leighton
    David Powell HMM-262
    Dennis Martin HMM-363
    Done York [Vietnam Veteran's Memorial]
    Frenchie LaFountaine HML-167
    Gary Truman HMM-165
    Gene McIntyre
    George Curtis HMM-363
    Gordon "BOS" Boswell 1st Force Recon
    HMM-161 Squadron
    HMM-163 Squadron
    Frank & Holly Matucheski HMM-362
    Howard Longwood on behalf of HMH-463
    Janet & Tom McBrien HMM-165
    Jim Johnson
    Jim Moriarty VMO-6
    Joe McGadden FMAW DaNang
    john Bell HML-167
    John Donahue
    John Mrak HMM-163
    John Urban VMO-2
    Jon Robson VMO-2
    Larry Groah HMH-463
    Les Williams HMM-263
    Marion Sturkey HMM-265
    Mark Byrd HML-367
    Mike Boice HMM-165
    Mike Leahy
    Noel Ferguson HMM-163
    Rich & Judi Wagner HMM-361
    Richard Flink HMM-363
    Richard Norris HMM-165
    Rick Centore VMO-2
    Roger Herman HMM-361
    Ron Corley VMO-2
    Roy Pitt VMO-2
    Stephen Sack 2/4
    Thomas Leonard VMO-6
    Tom Hopkins VMO-6
    Tom Paskevich
    Tom Warning HMM-361
    Wally Beddoe


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    Brook Stevenson
    9/'67 - 10/'68


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      "BRAVO ZULU" Wally,

      it was your project, you made it happen!
      Semper Fidelis

      George T. Curtis


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        Silent Auction


        Please do not forget the Art Book by Viet Nam Veterans donated by Don York. He will kill me at the Wall if I don't acknowledge him!!!




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          I heard that one of my father's paintings was in the auction! How exciting!


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            I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank the anonymous member that donated $500.00.

            On behalf of all of POP A SMOKE

            “BRAVO ZULU BROTHER”
            Semper Fidelis

            George T. Curtis


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              Outstanding Job Wally!

              I was glad to be part of the silent auction and happy to work with Wally - unquestionably the most squared away auctioneer ever! In Fort Worth I will share a vendor booth for folks to have there pictures taken with "Taz" for a slight donation to the cause! I suspect there were 5000 pictures taken of him during Reno so it should be a worthy venture. Once again great job, Wally!

              S/F Les "Easy" Williams
              Attached Files
              S/F Les Williams


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                Reunion 2004

                I want to thank all concerned with the organization of this reunion, and the great ATTITUDE. It showed that we are indeed
                a band of brothers. I noticed that while waiting in line for "GOODIES" that people were actually opening up and talking to strangers. I have not seen this at many functions before. I was only able to stay till Thursday evening; due to prior commitment at a wedding in Oregon. I had promised Wally Bedoe
                that I would get my articles for auction to him. I am glad to hear that it was a sucess. I am looking forward to next reunion.
                John "Spook" Bell


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                  Silent Auction-Reno


                  I had to leave the reunion early due to medical emergency. I missed the fun of the silent auction and final results. Is thier
                  a list of what the individual items brought or just a total value.
                  I was curious with the wide variety of things offered. Thanks and have a great weekend.


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                    Proceeds from the auction were in excess of $6,500!
                    Semper Fidelis

                    George T. Curtis


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                      I must be doing something wrong! Everytime I enter the silent auction room....I leave with yet another "near new" G-1! It's a good thing I have a very understanding wife. However, this time she has claimed the jacket with my patches on it for herself. Oh well, I'm just happy to be here with my expanding collection of


                      Rich Erickson

                      ps: thanks for the paper wiz-wheels Wally. My students will be amazed how well they work when I turn off their flight planning computers and GPS/MFDs. What a concept....a computer made of paper! "OK Ace, ignore all the pencil and eraser marks...what's your true airspeed, density altitude and ETE? Take your time, do a good have 1 minute. Oh, by the way, what's Vg for this airplane given our load out and where would you put it down if it just gave up the ghost?" Ah, it's good to be in the right seat!