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Reunion Motorcycle Ride

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    Reunion M/C Ride

    Just to let you know, I got off the phone with Sal at Reno HD a few minutes ago. I reserved a Heritage for the ride. They still have some bikes, but anyone interested in the reunion ride needs to act quickly.



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      Reunion ride

      I am also interested in a ride to Virginia City. I will be riding my Ultra from LA on the 4th or 5th of July. Anybody heading up 395 around that time. After the reunion I will be leaving around Wed for home in Michigan, anybody heading that way.

      Semper Fi


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        Reunion Ride

        Gentlemen & Ladies

        JD has given me permission to hold a pre-ride brief in the SNAFU room on Thurs the 8th at 1600 (4 PM civilian time). We can discuss whether or not we want to go by the Ponderosa or just ride around the Lake, whatever. I will have maps available for everyone in case we get seperated. I have e-mailed Sal at HD Reno asking if he would come to the Hilton at 1600 on Thurs to take care of the paperwork on the rentals - will let you know what he says. Getting really excited about this!!!!




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          We're ready!!

          Sal has the Electra all ready, I hope! Carole and I are good to go and will be at the hotel by then. Sal told me since Nevada is a helmet law state he also has helmets for rent as well! We are gettin' so short I can almost walk under the front door!! LOL!
          Semper Fi
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            Scooter ride

            HD Reno still has 4 bikes for rent for our little outing. He can be reached at 1.800.867.7661 and ask for Sal. He asks that anyone that has reserved one to call him and give him the appropriate info so we can get on the road quickly Friday. I am READY!!!!



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              It's a good thing to ride around Tahoe. The last time I rode Tahoe was July 1996 with fellow HOGgers from AZ. We had to put on leathers in the high spots. It got a bit chilly. I just came through Reno on a road trip to/from Oregon. The temp was a high 90'ish and 60'ish in the morning down in the valley areas.

              I'm renting a Heritage for Thursday July 8th to leave out from HD rental center at Buell about 9:45 AM to be back at 4PM. It's not far from the Hilton, but it's on a service road off of Glendale, (Market?). (775) 329-2913. They have lots of bikes and may still have some available for Thursday. Friday and the weekend may get tighter.

              My route is to go through Carson City to Hwy 50 west to the lake and go north. That's less than 50 miles. It should be about 80-90 miles around the lake. The first stop will be at the Ponderosa before Incline Village. Maybe lunch there. (There's the Railroad Museum in Carson City some may want to stop at, but I don't want to linger too long at any one place with the rental on the clock.)

              Then around the north end of the lake through North Lake Tahoe with maybe a stop at the Kaisor mansion (in Godfather movie). We don't plan on any major stops, but we can check out the boat ride or something for another day.

              Next we'll go around the south end of the lake through Stateline/Heavenly Valley area and maybe check out the beach. There is supposed to be some sailboat cannibal races that weekend.

              Back up to Hwy 50, we'll go back through Carson City to Virginia City and hang out there for a bit until we need to get the bike back.

              That's the plan. If any one wants to join us, come on down.

              Keep the sunny side up.

              Semper Fi,
              Jim Steckbauer


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                Ride update

                Just got off the phone with Sal of Reno HD. He has 4 bikes left for rent, so if you are thinking of joining us for the ride, please call Sal at 1.800.867.7661. We have 10 confirmed rentals, plus about 15-20 who will be riding in. Sal has a V-Rod, a deuce and a night train left. See you all real soon.