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Gotta go to Billy Bob's

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  • Gotta go to Billy Bob's

    The History Of Billy Bob's Texas

    The Building now known as Billy Bob's Texas was built in 1910 and was once a large open-air barn for housing prize cattle during the Fort Worth Stock Show.

    In 1936, as a Texas Centennial Project, the building was enclosed by the City of Fort Worth at a cost of $183,500 and the tower added. The "new" structure contained 1257 animal stalls, and a 1200 seat auction ring that is now Billy Bob's Bull Riding arena.

    The floor of Billy Bob's slopes from the entry toward the showroom stage, making an ideal elevation for concert seating.

    This slope was originally constructed to allow easy cleaning and runoff from the cattle pens. Livestock events were held here until the stock show moved to the Will Rogers Memorial Complex, in the present downtown area, around 1943.

    During World War II, the building was used as an airplane factory for the Globe Aircraft Corporation.

    In the 1950's the building became a department store so large that the stock boys wore roller skates to make their jobs quicker and easier.

    With 127,000 square feet of space, which is nearly 7 acres, for entertainment and events, Billy Bob's has 32 Max individual bar stations, country music's biggest stars, Live Pro Bull Riding and a Texas size dance floor for everyone to enjoy.

    Billy Bob's Texas opened April 1, 1981 to national attention with Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers as the first performers. Other artists who appeared that first week were Waylon Jennings, Janie Fricke & Willie Nelson.

    Comparisons to Gilley's located in Houston where the movie "Urban Cowboy" was filmed starring John Travolta were numerous. Gilley's was only 44,000 square feet, less than half the size of Billy Bob's and did not have Live Pro Bull Riding.

    Ou capacity is 6028 people at any one time.
    We are open from Monday - Saturday from 11 AM until 2 AM
    & on Sundays from 12 Noon until 2 AM

    The most bottled beer sold in one night was at a Hank Williams Jr. Concert. A total of 16,000 bottles were sold.The next highest bottled beer sales totaled 13,000 during a Clint Black Concert.
    Merle Haggard once bought a round of Drinks for the whole Club & set a world record.
    The Youngest singer ever to perform at Billy Bob's is LeAnn Rimes.
    Garth Brooks last performed at Billy Bob's Texas in 1990.
    More Than 15 Million Visitors have come through Billy Bob's Doors since 1981.

    Billy Bob's Texas has been equally popular on TV and Movie screens. Several episodes of the television series "Dallas" were shot here at BBT. Other television shows including "Walker Texas Ranger", CBS's "Happy New Year America", "CBS This Morning", and The Nashville Network's "On Stage" series have also been seen from BBT.

    Movies filmed at Billy Bob's Texas have included:

    "Over The Top", starring Sylvester Stallone in 1987
    "Baja Oklahoma", with Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Coyote & Willie Nelson in 1988.
    "Necessary Roughness", with Scott Bakula, Sinbad, Robert Loggia & Kathy Ireland in 1991.
    "Pure Country" in 1992, starring George Strait.
    We have also been the site of several Country Music Videos. The artists have included Billy Dean, Collin Raye, Bryan White, Daron Norwood, The Marshall Tucker Band, BR549, & Aaron Tippin.

    Many people know Billy Bob's as the Host of Country Music's biggest stars. We have also played host to Rock 'n' Roll & Pop Music stars. We have featured artists such as Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine, Ringo Starr, .38 Special, Men At Work, The Go-Go's, Steppenwolf, & ZZ Top. Even Bob Hope performed onstage at Billy Bob's Texas.

    It's no wonder that Billy Bob's Texas has been named Country Music Club of the Year 5 times by the Academy of Country Music and 2 times by the Country Music Association. We have also won the Country Music Association's Venue of the Year award! That's an incredible 8 times! That's why we say "We Have A Honky Tonk Attitude!"

    Come See Us Soon!

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    More on FW

    Billy Bob's is only a block from the historic FW Stockyards. There, you can dine at the 3H Restaurant for an unbelievable steak dinner in western surroundings. Next door is the ancient Stockyards Hotel. Each room is differently laid out and has a history. Chief Quannah Parker and one of his other chiefs blew out their room's gas lamp and were overcome with unburned gas. The other chief died and Chief Parker had to be treated by several FW doctors to keep him alive.

    The indoor rodeo is a half a block away. Across from the Hotel, is the White Elephant saloon and dance floor where Walker Texas Ranger's barroom scenes were filmed. They have an outdoor dance and band area with an open air balcony. I saw a coon come down one of the trees and check all the empty tables for leftovers a few years ago. I guess he lives in one of the trees there and stays fatter'n hell from the table scraps.

    The street between the Hotel and the White Elephant has a number of honky tonks and eateries. A block away is a former trail drive era brothel that now serves as a B&B. Leddy's is just one of the western wear places in the Stockyards. You can get handmade boots there, but for my money, Tony Llamas are just fine and generally do not require breaking in. Near the convention hotel is the Justin Boots factory store where you can get some good deals on Justin brand boots, belts and yes, very large belt buckles. They gotta tell the surgeons to cut to one side because my brand new appendectomy scar keeps me from wearing my larger buckles.

    We scoot boots regularly at the Stagecoach Ballroom near downtown. Big dance floor, cheap beer and a good Taqueria across the street.

    I intend to spend a weekend there soon and get as many weblinks as are available. You can get from the convention hotel downtown to the Stockyards by trolley, but a cab ride would only be a few bucks. I was kicking around the idea of borrowing a flatbed with hay and shuttling us back and forth?

    Before falling trap to the Cowtown mistique, check out the Bass Hall. Just the architecture alone is worth a visit. They even have a McNair Rehearsal Hall in there.

    The Bass Hall alternates between Opera, classical concerts and even Willie himself.

    Fort Worth is home to the late Roger Miller and the still kickin' Delbert McClinton.

    Downtown is just a half mile trolley ride to the Museum District that has at least a half dozen world-class museums. In between is the Cowgirls' Hall of Fame.

    Lookin' forward to throwing down as much info as possible for you folks. My company is a golf related industry, so with our connections, maybe we can get the nearby Colonial for the tournament.

    A cool deal for downtown is the parking. Weekends there is mucho free parking, the meters are void after 5. They have plenty covered parking with tickets that are happily validated by all the clubs, restaruants, movie theaters and other attractions. Downtown is lousy with cops on bikes so us old geezers can run around late at night without fear of getting mugged like is so common in Dallas. UNLIKE Big D, the cops in Cowtown do NOT write tickets for jaywalking.

    One block from our hotel is the station where you can catch the T rail service to Dallas and hop off near Dealy Plaza or Gilley's new Dallas location if'n Billy Bob's don't give you enough honky tonking.

    Judy and I live only 6 miles from Downtown and we are there every week. If anyone wants something checked out or questions answered, just drop me a line.

    The FW Water Gardens is adjacent to the convention center for a relaxing walk with a water mist during the hot days. Plenty of shade trees, but they won't let you ride a horse in around the water area.

    email is

    cell 817-683-2115

    Bill McNair


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      Two more FW places - Web Links

      My recommendation if for the early arrivers to reserve a room at the Stockyards Hotel a couple days ahead of the reunion and spend that time checking out the Stockyards and Billy Bob's. It can be done all within about a five block area. There is fast food, medium food and white tablecloths for more high-faloot'n dining. Remember, down here, we eat BREAKFAST in the morning, DINNER at noon and SUPPER in the evening. One must not leave the Stockyards without a souvenier "Bully," the perfect coffee table accessory for every ranch house.

      Check out the Bass Hall way in advance and make reservations for the concert or event of your choice. The McNair Studio name has no connection to me or my redneck roots.

      You can go downtown from the Stockyards by Trolley without a rent car, or you can park in covered areas across the street from the Bass for free. Directly across the street is a Barnes & Noble with Starbucks, the Flying Saucer Beer Emporium, A high-faloot'n Eye-talian Restaruant, a Chili's and a Mexican Inn where they have excellent tamales y frijoles and rice.

      The absolute best is a 7 hour drive (380 miles south) through the Texas Hill Country. My hometown, Utopia has a population of 350. B&B's abound and the river is swimable and drinkable (watch for cattle, sheep or goats upstream, though).

      Summer of 06 will be a good time to watch the Texas Rangers play at the Ballpark at Arlington next to Six Flags Over Texas. They generally don't tank their season till mid to late August, so you still may see actual pro-baseball played in one of the country's best stadiums. The Ballpark is only 15 minutes from Downtown Cowtown and a straight drive East on I30, the Tom Landry Freeway.

      Bill M.
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        G'day Y'all!
        Just a line, I am a TX National Guardsman and former Aussie Army. I have "chatted" with Bill McNair in another forum, that's how I found your site. I think it is so good that your having
        your reunion here in Ft. Worth.
        Bill was so kind to invite me to the reunion, I will be honoured to go. just what is the world coming to... A Devil Dog inviting a soldier to your event!! LOL
        Take care y'all and looking forward to next year.

        Aussie, over and out
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        If you protest wars, remember that it is the blood of the soldiers who shed theirs for your right to protest them.
        Dulce et detcorum est pro patria mori
        (It is a beautiful and fitting thing to die for ones country.)