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JRB (Fort Worth Naval Air Station)

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  • JRB (Fort Worth Naval Air Station)

    Hi Ya'll

    Does anyone have any idea how far it is from Billy Bob's/Fort Worth to the old Carswell Air Force Base (JRB/Fort Worth NAS) ? On static display there is UH-34D 148764 which I last flew on 4 July 1968 with HMM-363 (got shot that day sitting in the right seat). Would like to pay my respects to the old girl. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks and Semper FI.

    "Crazy Joe" Scholle

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    Distant To NAS From Billy Bobs

    Acording to my Delorme Street Atlas It Is 11 Miles/ 22 Minutes.
    Direction are Attached if I did not Screew up.
    Hope To See you in Fort Worth


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      By the odometer in my car, it is just over 6 miles from the
      Fort Worth Stockyards (Billy Bob's) to NAS Fort Worth. The H-34 is just inside the gate on the left side of the road. It has been recently repainted and has MGenBill Gossell's name painted on it.


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        NAS, Fort Worth??

        Bill havent been there since Jul 1944,. I was in NAP training and we were in the Dormatories at TCU. We flew half a day out of Meecham Field But dont remember any NAS Fort Worth is that Meecham Field> We had a dirt strip between Fort Worth & Dallas along the rail tracks, could that now be NAS Fort Worth?? I was also stationed at MARTD Dallas. We attended classes half day at TCU. Sure hope I can find where I was if I can get there!! Thanks SF PM


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          I apologize for not using the full name: NAS Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base Carswell Field. When the Navy took command of Carswell Air Force Base, it became NAS Fort Worth,---. DOD closed NAS DAllas and moved everything to Fort Worth along with units from Memphis, Glenview and other services. Meecham Field is still there as a civilian field used for private and corporate aviation.


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            MARTD - Dallas


            MARTD - Dallas really does not exist anymore.

            I was there a few years ago and had to get directions from a local fire station to find it.

            The area is so built up, that it is extremely difficult to locate.

            I was stationed there in '66 (DANG! almost 40 years ago!) .... and nothing looked the same
            when I went there a couple of years ago.

            It was closed, but the ARMY was using it for a staging area for troops going to the Mid-East.

            They wouldn't let me in.


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              Joe, I'd venture to say it's about a 15 minute drive from the JRB to the Stockyards. No difficult run even if you're not familiar with the area.

              Did you see my recommendation about going early and staying at the Stockyards Hotel before the reunion? You can walk to Billy Bob's, take in the rodeo and check out the entire Stockyards on foot.

              The 3H Steakhouse is incredible for getting your RDA of juicy red beef and cold brewskis.

              Being in the summer, the White Elephant is great and right across the street. You go inside, then they have a stage and dance floor with no roof and a cool balcony to watch from. Last time I was there a big coon climbed down out of one of the trees and scoured the empty tables for scraps. Looked like he was a regular.

              The area is totally biker friendly as well so you can park yer Harley scooter down there and not worry about it.


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                JRB (Fort Worth NAS)

                Many thanks for all your replies about the location and distance to JRB/Fort Worth NAS. Looks like I''ll have an easy time getting there during the Reunion.

                Thanks again and Semper Fi.

                "Crazy Joe" Scholle


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                  I'm glad to know this A/C is on display. I checked my old logbooks and found that I flew it in 1964 while a instructor in HMMT-302 MHTG 30 Santa Ana.


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                    2006 reunion dates?

                    Does anyone know the actual dates for the 2006 reunion?

                    I just moved to Fort Worth and am volunteering to make '06 the best reunion ever! (You all remember what happened the last time you volunteered).

                    Romy Myszka
                    Radio Tweet
                    HMM-362 '68-69
                    Ugly Angels
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                      Reunion 2006, Ft. Worth, TX
                      AUGUST 10-13, 2006


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                        Bell Builder of UH1E

                        Anyone try to set up tours of the Bell plant in Hurst it only 6 miles from the stockyards


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                          When we visited Bell, they kinda indicated that they didn't want tours at the main facility for security purposes and such, but that since they are moving flight ops to Meecham field that they would set up something out there. Meecham is right up 287 from the Stockyards/BillyBob's area.

                          My impression was that they make parts and pieces and do management at Hurst, but that the real aircraft assemby/testing and such is out in Amarillo or Lubbock. JD might remember which.

                          The Bell folks were very accommodating to us and our senior host was a former Shuttle commander. Quite a few old Marines popped out of the woodwork to meet us. The general feeling I got was that Bell was looking forward to our reunion so I imagine they will accommodate us somehow.

                          If we did visit Hurst, it's a straight shot from downtown FW out 183 then Hiway 10 to Bell. Just a 10-15 minute drive.


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                            Bell should be helpful, rhey wany to sell us the V-22 and need all support they can get.
                            top A


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                              Aviation Museums to see in Fort Worth/Dallas

                              1. American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum
                              2. OV-10 Bronco Association and FAC Museum
                              3. Vintage Flying Museum
                              4. No. 1 British Flying Training School Museum, Terrell, TX
                              5. The History of Aviation, UofTexas, Dallas
                              6. Cavanaugh Flight Museum
                              7. NE Texas Rural Heritage Museum
                              8 Frontiers of Flight Museum
                              Radio Tweet