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Rotorhead Riders

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  • Rotorhead Riders

    OK folks, I have contacted HD of Fort Worth and they do NOT rent. However, their sister store in Bedford does. They will have about 15 bikes for rent and they will all be 2006 models. I do not know the itinerary for the reunion, but I do know that I will be working the SNAFU desk again. That means that I probably won't be able to ride on Friday, so is Saturday good for the rest of you? The date on that would be 8/12/2006.

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    Saturday Ride

    Any ride is a good ride! I plan to tow out there, so rental is not in my plans at this time. Looking forward to another good one.
    Semper Fi


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      Rotorhead Riders

      Keep me posted. My wife and I are planning on riding our bike to Ft, Worth for the reunion and are really interested in another good ride like the one we had at Reno.


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        Reunion Bikers

        I am driving my grandaughter to Bridgeport this evening and will start marking down that winding, twisting backroad we took last year going out of Cowtown.

        You guys gotta either start or finish your reunion run at the 8.0 Club downtown. They are extremely biker friendly and they hold the front curb parking for bikes only and will hold extra if they know you are coming.

        The 8.0 is club downtown located on a busy corner with a huge open air patio shaded by trees and they usually have a band playing out there in the summer. It faces the other cool club, The Flying Saucer, also a popular biker-friendly club.

        Both are only a couple or three blocks from the Convention Center. They are safe, respectable places, not skanky at all. You can find some semi-skanky over on Belknap near I35 if that floats your boat....


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          More scooters

          My former boss and a co-worker is an Army Chinook crew chief from Nam. He is a Harley biker and is rather active in his Harley club in Dallas. Send me your phone number and I will hook you two up. I bet I can get him to hook us up with more rentals. There are way, way, way more Harley shops around the FW area.

          I will do some looking around, too.

          I drove my granddaughter home to Bridgeport yesterday and tracked a pretty cool route for a run. Thought I'd get my old boss out in the Miata and get his thoughts.

          Pulling out of Fort Worth by passing through the Stockyards old red brick streets right by Billy Bobs and on past Meecham to get out of town might be a cool start. You will find Fort Worth a real biker friendly place.


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            Fort Worth Riders

            This is getting to look better and better! Hope the weather cooperates and we have good riding every day!!
            This will be Chapter III of the Rotorhead riders, if you count Branson last summer, right Larry?


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              Rotorhead riders

              Now, all we have to do is get Charlie Maddocks to put a blurb in the next issue of Popasmoke so we can get some idea of how many we are talking about. Reno was a nice ride but if Billy Mc's crew chief buddy comes through, it will be a lot of fun. He may be Army, but he is a helo bubba, and that's all that counts!!!!


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                Motorcycle Run

                John said enthusiastically that he's willing to throw a run together. Ya'll interested in a poker run or a regular run. John is a member of the Fort Worth Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle club. Said he'd muster up a crew to guide and do whatever.

                John was in a Chinook shoot down. Lost a kidney in the crash. He's a real standup guy. He's got one of those "Drive in the back, live in the front" biker trailers that is nicer than my house.

                Lemme know if I need to do something to help.


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                  Just got off the phone with HD of Bedford. They have decided not to do rentals anymore. The only place they could think of for rentals is EagleRiders in Irving, TX. They carry HD, Yamaha, Honda, BMW. Only problem, it has to be a full day rental and most of the bikes rent for $130/day. Looks like we could probably rent at 3pm on Friday and have the bike back by 3pm on Saturday. cut and paste, works fine.


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                    Other Rentals on the Area

                    Larry, I am at work right now but looked up these possibles:

                    S. Lake (North East of FW) Sport Ryder 214-906-7472 Not too far away

                    Irving: Rent-A-Harley 972-785-2201

                    Irving: Eagle Ride 972-785-2200

                    Addison: (North Dallas) D&M Cycle Rentals: 972-233- 7084

                    Like I told you via email, I will arrange to get you guys to whichever rental you hook up with so don't sweat getting to Addison if that becomes an option.
                    Last edited by utopiatex; 03-26-2006, 09:45.


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                      Sport Ryder of South Lake, Texas has rentals

                      Charles at Sport Ryder said he'll offer our members 10% discount.



                      Like I stated, I will get you guys to your rental place. Just lemme know in advance where you will be staying and which rental you are using. South Lake is NE of FW not too far out.


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                        Bike Ride

                        Anyone riding to the reunion?? I am riding from Alabama. If you might be rideing contact me at my email.

                        Mike Everett
                        HMM 165 69-70


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                          Reunion Ride

                          Got an interesting e-mail. There seems to be a suggestion floating around about riding the runway at Meecham to end the run. Problem is, we need to know about how many bikes we are talking about. And, the entrance fee for Meecham is separate from the donation we are requesting for the ride. The entrance fee for Meecham and the Warbird Round-up is $5.00. Please let me know at if you have interest in the ride and the runway ride. Billy Mc & John Swanson have indicated a route with a lot of twists and turns. Should be fun.


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                            Run on the flightline?

                            Larry, Bill, Joe, et al
                            Bill may have told you, but we are making it possible for you's guys to end your run at Meachem Field with an escourted finalle down Taxiway Alfa, with a turn into the hangar with all the old A/C. It ought to be a real Hoot. What you think?


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                              Meecham terminus for Run

                              Sounds great.
                              John and I have to get the route finalized real soon. His wife had surgery, but we'll Git-R-Dun