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Birds coming to Fort Worth

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  • Birds coming to Fort Worth

    I am aware of one 34 being brought to the reunion.... Can anyone tell me if there are plans to bring other birds in - 46, 53, other 34's, Hueys, Cobras?

    JD, tell me if I am overstepping here.

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    Don't know who usually requests the birds but there is a form you have to fill out and submit to HQMC for Aviation support. Probably the reunion coordinators job. Just my thoughts



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      Reunion Aircraft

      While we are discussing this, how about an Osprey?

      I would settle for a power point presentation and a real live pilot and crew chief to talk to.

      The Osprey is really up and running now. A friend who is a Navy F18 pilot said he saw one doing touch and gos at NAS Oceana a few weeks ago. He said it looked really cool. And that's from a Navy jet jockey!
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        What field would these aircraft be located at? There are about eight airfields in the immediate environs od dallas/Ft Worth. Where would one leave their own plane if one was predisposed to fly down?

        There is an OV-10 Bronco Society that has a hangar, Bronco mockup and two air worthy airframes in Ft Worth. They also have an F-4, for god only knows what reason. They also have added an O1-C Birdog section.


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          The OV-10 Bronco Association and the Forward Air Controller Museum are working with Pop-A-Smoke to have aircraft and helo's on display at the Reunion in August. The paperwork has been submitted to the Pentagon requesting aircraft. There will also be at least one and possibly two H-34's there also.

          The display will be at the OBA facility located in the vintage flying Museum at Meachum field north of Fort Worth.

          Pop A Smoke POC is Ron Fix and the POC for OBA/FACM is Jim Bloomberg. They will be working together to bring the attendees a look at past and present operations. Contacts have been made with local Metroplex Marine groups including the Reserves Air Group and the local MCAA chapter.

          The OBA museum just took delivery (yesterday) of the second of two OV-10A's from the California Department of Forestry via GSA. They are long term restoration projects that will be in the air sometime in the future. Both aircraft flew in Vietnam. Althought we would love to have a O-1C we don't have one and probably won't since there are only one or two still in existance. What we do have is a combat veteran Cessna O-2A under restoration for static display.

          In addition we have restored the original North American OV-10 mock-up from 1964. We also have an F-4 on loan from the National Museum of Naval Aviation and will be receiving a Navy F-5 this spring. Why these FW aircraft? The museum's intent is to show the FAC aircraft as well as aircraft the they controlled.

          More information will follow on the display and events at Meachum Airport as we get closer to Reunion time.

          Semper Fi
          Chuck "Hostage IGOR" Burin
          Chairman of the Board - OV-10 Bronco Association
          Hostage IGOR