Well, only 2 weeks to go!

So far, I have identified the following corpsman/flight surgeons that have signed-up for Reunion2006
Ballard, Don
Barrett, Steve
Deneff, Dan
Eagles, Tom
Hanson, Stephanie
Levin MD, Al
Moreno, Roy
Proutey, Don
Segars, Walt
If anyone knows of any others, please let me know ASAP.

Like the Marines, we are always looking for a few good men Ė the Docís! At Reunion2004, we located 8 Corpsmen and 3 Flight Surgeons. I believe there were more, but because we register with our primary squadrons, we are difficult to find at the reunions! Please, after you have registered with your primary squadron, stop by the Docís booth, fill out a locator sheet and leave it in the blue binder. This sheet will tell us which Docís are at the reunion and will enable us (and anyone looking for you) to contact you at the reunion.

Several reunions ago, we decided to set-up a social gathering for the Docís and their guests; something that would not interfere with the mini-reunions and other squadron activities. We selected breakfast on Saturday and itís been working well ever since. If you would like to join the other Docís and their guests for breakfast, please indicate it on the locator sheet and then just show up on Saturday at 8am. Because of itís location and facilities, we have selected the Cracker Barrel at 4691 Gemini Place (817) 624-8050. It is approximately 3 miles east of Meachem Field and is immediately adjacent to the Baymont Inn & Suites (one of the designated shuttle stops). Then, after breakfast, stop by the Cowtown Air Show; the gates will open at 10am for Popasmokeís guests.

FYI, I will be getting in around 3pm on Wednesday. During the reunion, my ďhoochĒ will be the Country Inn & Suites at 2200 Mercado Drive (817) 831-9200 and you will be able to reach me on my cell phone (630) 750-9570.

Until then, if you need anything, call me at (630) 554-6997 or email me at devildoc@ameritech.net.

Semper Fi