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CowTown WarBird Roundup (CWR)

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  • CowTown WarBird Roundup (CWR)

    The OV-10 Bronco Association and the Forward Air Controllers Museums would like to thank all the Pop-A-Smoke members who came out to see what we had to offer at the CWR. This was our first shot at planning and hosting and event of this magnitude.

    We hope everyone had a great time looking at the current Military aircraft from all of the services as well as some of the civilian owned aircraft from earlier days. I also hope everyone took time to talk to the air crews from the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and thank them for their service. Many have already served in SWA or will be in the future - probably more than once. You also got to see a USCG Daulphin that was fully engaged in the Hurricane operations. Their unit, from Mobile, has been credited with over 4700 rescues during that time period.

    Friday morning I thought I was back at Marble Mountain with the Broncos, Dogs, Frogs, Cobras and Huey in place on the LZ.

    On behalf of the OBA Board of Directors and FACM
    Chuck "IGOR" Burin - Chairman OBA
    Jim Hodgson - President OBA
    Terry Tabor - President FACM

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    special thanks and appoligies

    Gentelmen one and all
    I as a member of the board of OBA and a member of POP, would like to personally thank JD and Bedoe for their grasious invitation to the Sat. night "to do". We few ( so very few) worked ourselves into the ground, and couldn't make the dinner. My wife at our PX got many comments about how nice it was that Pop a Smoke put on this show for their members. Many thanks to JD, Wally, and their SLJO's who came out Thur., Fri., Sat. and then again Sun. to help us.
    The 80' hole in our Helo setup was for a 53 that took a chip light and spent the weekend in Indianapolas, we wanted to put the 46's and the 47 side by side for you to show your families the differences. So sorry for the parking, heat, and the hole in our show, we are just little guys trying to paddle too big a boat.
    Thanks to all the Squadrons that took on the active duty guys on Fri. night and JD who took them on Sat. night, they took their weekend to give to us and we owed them. I don't know who did what, I was the guy with Water, Deisel, and Cars for the crews. Sats gen. sets, refer. trailor, etc drinks deisel as you probally knew. But no one told me.
    The real show was Sun. morning when we sent everybody home. We almost got the tent taken down by a Super Cobra and Huie on a North bound take out.
    Then asked the 46's to pull out south but the grass was rolling and that "pop,pop, pop" was a treat, my wife ran and hid behind the Fox-4. The F-16's did a wing over and then afterburner. The Worthogs were off the ground long before they got to our hangar but gave us a wing wave. We had 1 of every trainer that the mil. uses today, don't you just love orange and white? The old planes were a real trip back for most. When the C-130 reversed props and backed into her hole, our Airforce members said "Showouts" I said you mean "Marines".
    Last but not least, thank you the members of PoP for putting up with us and being so nice to our Marine air crews. It was a real treat for me to visit with 4 Generals, most retired, but nice guys ALL. How JD, Bedoe, and others at PoP got those guys out to our Hot, Old hangar I will never know. We at OBA want to invite you all to our next show in Juno,Al. in Feb. (or not).