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Silent Auction - After Action Report

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  • Silent Auction - After Action Report

    Marines, Corpsmen, and Others,

    Once again, the silent auction at the Ft. Worth Reunion proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Thanks to all the donors and dedicated individuals who worked the auction to help make it a success.

    The auction raised over $7,000, which will be deposited into the POPASMOKE Scholarship Fund.

    Special thanks to the following:

    Will Reeves (HMM-365), who loaded up his Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with auction goodies and headed to Ft. Worth. Will's donated items (over 150) bought in over $1,500. Additionally, Will spent many hours working at the silent auction, answering questions and helping the cause. Thanks Gunny!

    As they did in Reno, Brook Stevenson (HMM-363) and his wife Stacy were the backbone of the auction again this year in Ft. Worth. They both dedicated their time to help make the auction a success. They are both a valued asset. Brook also donated over 20 items to the auction. Thanks folks!

    Mike Stisi (SLJO) works with me in Connecticut; he is the CFO in our company. Mike volunteered his time selling Mike Leahy's artwork and working the silent auction. Mike is a welcome SLJO to the reunions. Like in Reno, Mike enjoys the time he spends with POPASMOKE veterans, whom he has a great deal of respect for.

    Randy Young (HMM-364) volunteered to receive donated items prior to the reunion since he lives in the area. Randy collected dozens of items and brought them to the silent auction to help others. Thanks Randy!

    VMO-2 made a significant cash donation to the auction. Thanks to all in VMO-2!

    William Fenwick, from Camp Hill, PA, donated $500 to the silent auction. Thank you!

    Last but not least, a huge thank you to the following individuals who contributed items to the silent auction (some donated multiple items). Apologies if I left anybody out. Let me know and I will update the list.

    Allen Orcutt, HMM-164
    Allyn Hinton, HML-167
    Almus Dean, HMH-463
    Arrorhead Film & Video
    Ben Cascio, HMM-362
    Bill McNair, HMM-362
    Bill Weiler, Vet
    Brian Howland, HML-167
    Brook Stevenson, HMM-363
    Bruce Colbert, HMM-164
    Charlie Hern, VMO-6
    Chrusty Sauro Jr., HMM-362
    Chuck Rotramel, HMM-165
    Curtis Gray, HMM-362
    Dale Ellingsworth
    David L. Buck, HMM-164
    Dennis Coochouma, VMO-6
    Dorothy Gruber
    Ed Alexander, VMO-6
    Frank DuBose, H&MS-16
    Frenchy, Ultra-Marine Productions, HML-167
    Glen Bailey, HMM-161
    Gunny DeWitt
    HMM-164 item donation
    Harold Lockwood, HMH-463
    James Pruitt, HMH-462
    Jim Campbell, HML-167
    Jim Hatch, HMM-161
    Jim Johnson (PatchArt)
    John Bell, HML-167
    John Rodriguez, HMM-164
    Larry Groah, HMH-463
    Larry South, HMH-463
    Marion Sturkey, HMM-265
    Michael Layman, HMM-365
    Mike Calhoun
    Mike Tripp, HMM-363
    Peter Greene, VMO-6
    Philip Hengels, HMM-263
    Phillip Jennings, HMM-363
    Richard Norris, HMM-165
    Rick Bartlett, HMM-362
    Robert Greer, HMM-363
    Rodney Croft, VMO-6
    Roy Newman
    Sgt. Grit (GySgt Davis)
    Steve Kemmerer, HMM-163
    Terry Hynes, VMO-2
    Tom Rodriguez, HMM-363
    VMO-2 (Squadron cash donation)
    Wally Beddoe, POPASMOKE
    Will Reeves, HMM-365
    William Kelley, VMO-3

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    Contribution to auction


    I designed the goofy helo/Texas thingies but my company, ITT Flowtronex produced them as a contribution.

    Wally himself did a LOT of work at the auction as well.