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Cowtown weekend, after action report: case of

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  • Cowtown weekend, after action report: case of

    Not sure how to admit this to all y'all, but an entourage of three former squadron mates went into the Chili's Restaurant and bar across from the Marriott to swill a few and get some grub. Within minutes we were asked to leave by the 12/13 year old (looking) manager and a couple of even younger (but much better looking) bar titas. They said it was a family place and we were talking too loud. Possibly so, as two of us had at least one hearing aid in place and the third needed one. Luckily, I was sorta removed from most of the discussion as I was trying to eat my rations and talk with yet another squadron mate's wife back in the corner.

    The ensuing discussion amongst just the participants, not the management or bar titas, was that it was a simple disgrace to have allowed that to happen. This matter, luckily, did not have to happen with the texas rangers present.

    Then next day, while trying to ease over the bruises of getting tossed from the child bar, I tried to tell the LTCOL (ret), the Chief of Police (ret) and myself (ret), a story that Mike Claussen told me several years ago about how he and an entourage of his friends got 86'd from the Globe & Anchor in Quantico, Va. It was well known and obviously explained over and over to the manager that Mike was the only living Aviation Marine MOH awardee in the world and yet he still got tossed.

    Feelings got healed quickly, and we beat feet to that bar over by the plaza hotel that had $1.25 longnecks...and a good time was had by all. Seemed like everyone in the world was from can it be (LOL).


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    It's across the street from the Downtown Marriott Courtyard (Blackstone?)...2-3 blocks from the convention center. On Wednesday, while awaiting for my room assignment, I went over to Chili's for a beer and bowl of soup and they directed me to the smoking section (the bar) as I had an unlit cigar in my mouth. I was able to order and start on my beer (after having already lit the cigar) and was promptly advised it was a cigarette only section...(pipes and cigars are not allowed). Not a problem, I didn't need to do the stogie, and as I was by myself, and seldom talk to myself outloud (I can hear myself fine, it's other people that I cannot hear and therefore they may have to talk louder) so the desciption of the other scenario in the earlier NOTAM, wasn't applicable...

    PS. As an afterthought sort of done me proud to "be like Mike" altho there was never the intention.


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      I spoke with the manager

      The Chili's side of the story is that our members came in and one was apparently already well lubricated upon arrival so the barkeep declined to serve alcohol.

      Texas bars are under tense scrutiny by the TAB not to serve more alcohol to patrons who appear to already be intoxicated.

      A cop was on the scene and Chilis declined the officer's offer to arrest ? Apparently "someone" poked the female barkeep in the chest with a finger and referred to her as a C**T ?

      In my experience there, the place is loud with laughter and chatter so it ain't likely that they were trying to keep it simply quiet. Cowtown is a fun place and tolerance of partygoing is generally the rule in beer/liquor - serving establishments.

      I think it best we drop this one as water under the bridge.


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        OK Thnx for that info. Personally, I tend to believe it was embellished, but then again, didn't see anything like that go on as was trying to get the catfish nuggets eaten before we had to go. But you're right, if we had any water, it'd be under the bridge by now. Semper Gumby. Hooper