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SLICK is the MAN!!

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  • SLICK is the MAN!!

    OF all the reunions I attended, I picked this one to miss (well didn't pick, it was circumstances!) and it looks like it was a great one! Slick you deserve the credit for getting all those birds together in Reno!! Great job, my friend!!

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    I Concur

    You said it Joe!, I will be looking for you in Orlando 2012!


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      Orlando 2012

      See you there Dale! It will be the first one we haven't had to travel a bunch for since Pensacola 2002, and that was 10 hours... I'll be looking for the Rotorhead Riders group there, too!!!


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        Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but circumstances were against me.

        Great Job to ALL of the crew that put this together.


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          Re: SLICK is the MAN!!

          Being a newcomer to the Association (didn't learn of it until 2007) I made my first reunion in DC. Had a blast and met a ton of fine people. Made the scene in Reno and was not disappointed. I had a ball there and it was very well put together. Finally got to know some people personally and was impressed with the caliber of the people I met. Spent the bulk of my time with HMM 163. The only thing I felt bad about was the fact that the event coinsided with the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and I was not aware of any acknowledgement of this event during the reunion. Being a veteran of that time, I was disappointed because it was from this time period that MAG 16 developed the helicopter tactics that went on to become a standard part of U.S. Marine Corps operations.

          LTC Stan Hendrickson, USA, RET.


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            Re: SLICK is the MAN!!

            Never missed any of them. It is a hassle for an old Marine from Hawaii !! I liked Reno & Pensacola best of the sites. Col Slick has done a great job for our Group !! I agree Korea was the base in Helicopter Operations for our Corp. This Group was established as the Vietnam Helicopter background which since has envolved all including current Helicopter Vets & active duty. Semper Fidelis PM