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Huey Takeoff Video?

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  • Huey Takeoff Video?

    Did anyone get a video of the departer from the reunion when that Huey lifted straight up so high? I'd sure like a copy of that takeoff.

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    Huey Takeoff

    Tex, which reunion you talking about? I'd say Reno, but many wouldn't know. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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      Reno takeoff

      John, I meant to refer to Reno 2010


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        Huey Takeoff

        Tex, felt it was, but theres that 10%, and thought Reno would be put in. Guess he thought he needed altitude in case he had to do an Auto. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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          Straight up!

          Did that at Khe Sanh during the siege 42 years ago in an empty 53!

          I might have related this story before, but finding it ....... well .....

          We had just unloaded in the turn around behind the tower at KS, the
          CC was standing on the ground about ten feet from the ramp connected
          by the long coiled ICS cord.

          An emergency call came from the control tower: "ATTENTION, ALL
          pilot didn't hesitate, the CC dove for the ramp, and the pilot jerked the
          collective up under his left armpit and firewalled the engines. We got
          pinned to the deck and finally came to a hover at 3000 feet!

          When we came to a hover, we looked back and saw that we had only
          half of the CC on board, he had managed to grab two tie down rings
          with both hands and hang on. He had gotten to 3000 feet with only his
          top half aboard. From the waist down he was airborne.

          We pulled him fully in and looked down and saw every other A/C in the
          KS area scattering like a bunch of rabbits on the deck. Actually more
          akin to watching cockroaches scatter when you turn on the light.

          We actually couldn't move until we came to a hover.

          I would imagine that the huey you speak of Bill, was the 4-bladed UH1Y,
          or possibly the AH1Z. Both have a surplus of power and lift.

          I really regret missing the 2010 gathering in Reno.
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            straight up

            Mike, I could see it in combat, but in the Resort parking lot, I just feel he wanted altitude in case of a needed auto. Glad you were able to get out of the zone, and the Crew Chief was able to hold on until he was pulled back in. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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              I've been on one of those "elevator" rides before in a 53 at Marble. The "G" force was amazing as it brought me to my knee's along with my stomach.
              Larry Groah[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]


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                elevator rides

                I had a number of them too, and enjoyed each one. You could get altitude, get the bad boys before they could get a bead on you, and get out. I appreciated most all my Pilots for sure. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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                  Originally posted by utopiatex View Post
                  Did anyone get a video of the departer from the reunion when that Huey lifted straight up so high? I'd sure like a copy of that takeoff.
                  My wife had something but would have to check with her and then I got a great shot of it even with the rotor wash kicking the dust all over. WILL see


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                    I tried to take pictures of the 46 at Pensacola some years ago, and there was so much dust they didn't turn out. semper Fi, and READY-APP.